5 Popular Judith Leiber Bags Worth Purchasing

Judith Leiber bags are known for being iconic novelty bags that make a statement when you wear them. Leiber bags gained main stream popularity when they started being seen on the Kardashians. Over 5,000 Judith Leiber bags have been released since 1963. The most popular Judith Leiber bags worth purchasing include the cash stack bag, lipstick design, brick cell phone bag, martini glass bag, and the cupcake bag featured in the Sex and the City movie.

Popular Judith Leiber Bags
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Background on Judith Leiber Bags

Unique Judith Leiber designs pancakes
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Launched in 1963, Judith Leiber are luxury bags that are known for their unique designs, beautiful Swarovski crystal embellishments, and embracing a youthful, playful look. What I love about the Judith Leiber bags is it's the perfect blend between a luxury handbag and a piece of art. Over the years, Leiber has created more than 5,000 unique designs. Each design takes up to 2 years from concept to creation to perfect. The crystal embellishments are placed by hand by one artisan, to ensure that every handbag is a perfect piece of art. 

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Cash Stack Judith Leiber Bag

Beyonce carrying the Cash stack money bag
Beyoncé carrying the Cash stack money bag © Beyoncé

One of the rarest and most coveted Judith Leiber bag is the Cash stack. Released in 2010, the Cash Stack bag caught the eye of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Khloé Kardashian. This almost $6,000 Judith Leiber bag featured over 14,000 crystals and is shaped like a stack of $100 bills! The Cash stack is a play and unique way to showcase your style and making a fashion statement at the same time. It is even featured in the Jennifer Lopez movie Hustlers

Red Lipstick Judith Leiber Bag

Judith Leiber Red Lipstick purse
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The Judith Leiber Lipstick bag gained popularity when Kylie Jenner rocked this bag with a red outfit. Even though this bag can’t fit much, it’s such a distinctive piece that is surely to strike up a conversation wherever you go. It’s impossible to wear the lipstick bag out without a few comments or people asking questions. This luxurious lipstick bag is perfect for someone who loves beauty products and makeup! 

Old School Cell Phone aka Brick Cell Phone Judith Leiber Bag

Cell phone brick Judith Leiber bag
keke wearing the Judith Leiber Brick Cell Phone © keke

I cannot get enough of the old school Judith Leiber Brick Cell Phone bag. The Brick cell phone bag is extremely popular and This transports me back to the Zack Morris Saved by the bell days. I love the way the Judith Leiber Cell phone bag encapsulates an entire generation and providing a fun fashion accessory that can be worn out. This Brick Cell Phone bag is available to purchase in three colors, gold, silver, and bright pink. Personally, I love all 3 of the colors!

Martini Glass Judith Leiber Bag

Judith Leiber Martini Glass Bag
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The Judith Leiber Martini Glass is a staple Judith Leiber piece. Shaped like a Martini Glass, this popular bag symbolizes being carefree, relaxed, and having fun! How cute would this bag be if you wore it out to dinner or to a bar? Given the popularity of the Judith Leiber Martini Glass it has been released with several different crystal color combinations and designs. This $6,000 Judith Leiber Martini glass has been carried by celebrities such as Kris Jenner and Beyoncé. 

Cupcake bag from Sex and the City

Judith Leiber Cupcake bag from Sex and the city movie
© nicoletteatleiber

One of the most iconic and recognizable Judith Leiber bags is the Cupcake Bag. This first gained popularity when it was featured in the Sex and the City movie. Over the years, Judith Leiber bags have been featured in the popular show Sex and the City. 

The Judith Leiber Cupcake Bag is a unique fashion accessory, in the shape of a cupcake, that will make your outfit more playful. Couple the cupcake design with the stunning Swarovski crystals to embody a youthful spirit, elegant and fun look! The Judith Leiber Cupcake bag is perfect for someone who is looking for a playful bag, that is a conversation starter, and has been featured in a timeless movie! Shop Judith Leiber Cupcake bag

Final Thoughts on Popular Judith Leiber Bags

Judith Leiber bags can be described as fun, novelty handbags that are great for your wardrobe. If you are looking for a conversation piece, a showstopper, and a unique design then the Judith Leiber crystal bags are perfect for you. I’d love to hear in the comments, have you thought about adding a fun bag such as a Judith Leiber to your handbag collection?

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