Is Fontainebleau worth visiting in 2022?

Paris is a great city, in fact it’s one of my favorite cities in the entire world. However, at the end of the day it’s still a city. Sometimes it’s nice to escape the city and go to a more remote area where I can relax and enjoy the outdoors. An hour outside of Paris is a charming small town called Fontainebleau. With that being said, it begs the question, is Fontainebleau worth visiting? The short answer is Yes, Fontainebleau is worth visiting!

Is Fontainebleau worth visiting?
Diane enjoying the Fontainebleau forest · Photo By @ Leah Travels

Why is Fontainebleau Famous?

Is Fontainebleau France worth visiting
Is Fontainebleau worth visiting? © scatto_castle / morganplr

If you are a history buff or love history then Fontainebleau, France is a perfect spot to be transported back in time. Fontainebleau is full of a rich history and many notable events took place there. 

Did you know that from the 12th Century to the 19th Century every King of France declared Fontainebleau as their residence? From what I read, it is because they loved being surrounded by the forest.

If you are interested in exploring the famous Fontainebleau Chateau, it is open to the public and you’ll be surprised to see every room you visit is fully furnished. Probably one of the most interesting tidbits of knowledge about the Chateau I learned was Marie Antoinette never actually got to sleep in the bed that was designed for her. She was killed before she ever had the opportunity to utilize it. However, the bed she picked out is still on display today. 

Not only does Fontainebleau offer a rich history, there is over 50k acres of forest area to explore! In short, Fontainebleau is known for its rich history, the Fontainebleau Château, and the incredible forest.  

How Far Away is Fontainebleau from Paris?

How to Travel to Fontainebleau
The Best way to travel to Fontainebleau from Paris © chateaufontainebleau

Many Parisians love escaping Paris to Fontainebleau because it is only about 41 Miles away (66 km drive time) 

There are a few ways you can arrive at Fontainebleau from Paris. The first is the train and the second is by car. We traveled to Fontainebleau by car, but because of the traffic it took longer than the expected time, and because of this I would recommend the train. 

Travel time by Car with no traffic: 48 Minutes 

Travel time by Train with no traffic: 1 Hour

Where to stay in Fontainebleau

Where to stay in Fontainebleau
Where to stay in Fontainebleau © demeuredefontainebleau

For me one of the most important things when choosing a hotel is ensuring that it directly aligns with your needs. For this holiday, my main goal was to escape the city, have open space where I could relax, and a hotel that offered a nice outdoor area. 

The Demeure de Campagne Château de Fontainebleau hotel offered all these things and more. This property is a one stop shop, meaning you could literally stay at the hotel the entire time. There are outdoor games, a heated pool, tennis courts (don’t worry if you don’t have a tennis racket the property has extras), a delicious restaurant, and even a spa!

The Demeure is a perfect property to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus the property is within walking distance to the city center, the famous Chateau, and even the forest. AKA the ideal location. 

Hands down, I highly recommend Demeure de Campagne Château de Fontainebleau hotel if you are visiting Fontainebleau, it’s the best place to stay. In so many ways it reminded me of being back home in Kansas.  The best part is they have all inclusive themes and all inclusive stays! 

I was lucky enough to enjoy this experience with my friend Leah, who writes the travel blog Leah Travels. This property is great both a getaway with friends or also a romantic getaway.

What to do in Fontainebleau, France

Carriage ride around Fontainebleau
  1. Carriage ride around the palace

One of the most famous, if not the most famous, thing to do is to explore the Fontainebleau Chateau. What better way to explore the Chateau grounds than a horse drawn carriage ride? This was a magical experience to say the least. I’m a tad embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve never actually been on a carriage ride before. 

The Carriage Ride was both as charming and enchanting as I envisioned it would be. Our tour guide filled us with facts about the history of Fontainebleau, the Chateau and the carriage ride took us around the city. 

Diane enjoying the Mixology Class at Demeure Fontainebleau · · Photo By @ Leah Travels
  1. Mixology Class

One super fun activity I booked was a mixology class. Both my cooking and my drink making skills are limited which is why I thought this would be a fun yet educational experience. In fact I was correct it was a blast. During the class we learned how to create 2 fresh summer drinks. One of the things I loved about the class was that we used fresh herbs from the hotel's garden. 

(I also discovered from the hotel's website there is a cooking class offered as well!) 

Is Fontainebleau worth going to
Fontainebleau forest © pinterest
  1. Scooter Ride through the forest 

As many of you know, I’m not a super outdoorsy type of girl. I love to go on walks and work out which is evident by the posts I’ve created, but a scooter ride through the forest? Well this was definitely out of my comfort zone. Being on holiday and really wanting to try something new I decided to give it a go. To my surprise, I actually quite enjoyed it!!

Scooting through the forest was very relaxing, and to be honest a bit scary at times. The scooter doesn’t go over 25 kilometers and I definitely didn’t go that fast often.

If you are booking a scooter ride through the forest, I recommend wearing log leggings (to avoid ticks), a light colored top, and finally tennis shoes. The scooter company will provide you with a helmet.

All 3 of these activities are offered directly through the hotel and you can book directly using one of the theme packages. With so many fun activities and things to do it's no wonder that Fontainebleau is worth visiting!

Fontainebleau france worth visiting
What to do in Fontainebleau, France

What to Pack for Fontainebleau, France

What to pack to Fontainebleau
What to pack for a weekend trip to Fontainebleau

More likely than not if you are heading to Fontainebleau you will spend time outside exploring the forest. There is over 50,000 acres of Forest area and endless hiking trails. 

I highly recommend you dress and pack for the forest. A good pair of tennis shoes is a must, bug spray, yes bug spray, compression pants if you are hiking, and a light top. Don’t forget a water bottle!

In addition, I highly recommend if you are going hiking in the forest off the beaten path to take your phone with a portable charger.

Is Fontainebleau worth visiting?

Sunset at Fontainebleau
Is Fontainebleau worth visiting? · © chateaufontainebleau

I was in Fontainebleau for 24 hours and to be honest, I could have stayed there for a week or even longer. This charming city is the perfect balance between city life and outdoor wilderness. In short, if you ask me would I recommend visiting Fontainebleau the answer is Yes! Yes, Fontainebleau is definitely worth visiting, it’s a beautiful charming city that embodies nature, outdoor living and has a rich history. 

One of the most popular weekend getaways for Parisians is Fontainebleau. Not only does it have one of the most famous castles built by French royalty. You are literally surrounded by nature and the great outdoors. Nothing beats fresh air, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities. Fontainebleau is home to 15,000 people and has miles upon miles of outdoor forest area to explore. If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Paris, or even a longer holiday then I highly recommend Fontainebleau. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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