5 Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands

Quiet luxury is all the rage these days. People are looking to purchase luxury items without the logo or the notability. One of the biggest draws to wearing luxurious quiet luxury jewelry is that you don’t draw attention to yourself. The best quiet luxury jewelry brands and pieces that are worth investing in include, Mellerio Color Queen Collection, Chaumet Bee my Love Collection, Piaget Rose Collection, Cartier Maillon Panthere Collection, and Graff Butterfly Diamond Collection.

Quiet Luxury Jewelry Collections
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Mellerio Color Queen Collection

Mellerio Queen Color jewelry collection
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Mellerio is the oldest jewelry house and one of the most iconic quiet luxury jewelry brands in the world. Dating back all the way to the 15th century Mellerio has been making jewelry for the royals, celebrities, and jewelry collectors for years. Mellerio pieces are so subtle that when you wear them you fly under the radar. Each piece of jewelry created by Mellerio is handcrafted, and the attention to detail is flawless. Over the years several pieces created by Mellerio have ended up in famous museums and exhibitions around the world. 

My personal favorite Mellerio Collection on the market today is the Color Queen, which features a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones in a unique design. Pricing for the Color Queen stone start at €20,000. 

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Chaumet Bee My Love Collection

Chaumet be my Love collection quiet luxury
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Chaumet is a Parisian jewelry house that is known for being a quiet luxury jewelry brand, creating simple yet timeless designs, exquisite use of gemstones, and intricate detailing. Chaumet jewelry house draw inspiration from all around them, including nature and history to create its beautiful pieces. This Parisian jewelry house often keeps a low profile, but “if you know, you know”. The Bee My Love Collection features a hexagon motif symbolizing a bee hive. If you are looking for a quiet luxury ring, bangle, or necklace then the Chaumet Bee My Love Collection is perfect for you. Pricing for the Bee My Love Collection starts at $1,050.

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Piaget Rose Collection

Piaget Quiet luxury Rose Jewelry collection
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A very popular quiet luxury jewelry collection is the Piaget Rose Collection. The Piaget Rose Collection captures the beauty of a rose in jewelry form. Each piece is created by hand to showcase the delicate rose petals and features a diamond in the center. Every time I think of a rose I think of romance and the Piaget jewelry Rose Collection does an impeccable job embracing romantic jewelry. The Piaget Rose Collection is an incredible piece of quiet luxury jewelry that is timeless, elegant, and romantic all at the same time. Prices for the Piaget Rose Collection start at $1,100.

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Cartier Maillon Panthere collection

Is Cartier a Quiet Luxury Brand
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Cartier is not typically a name people think of when it comes to quiet luxury, however the Cartier Maillon Panthere collection is the epitome of quiet luxury jewelry. The exact translation of Maillon from French to English is “link.” This link collection is made from flexible link chains, creating a sense of movement when wearing the pieces of jewelry.  The Maillon Panthère is used in multiple pieces of jewelry including the iconic Cartier watch, as a bracelet, necklace, and ring. This is truly an iconic, captivating, mature collection that is unfortunately often overshadowed by the Cartier Love Bracelet. Prices for the Cartier Maillon Panthere collection start at $1,200.

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Graff Butterfly Diamond Collection

Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands
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When it comes to a quiet luxury diamond collections nobody does it better than Graff. Graff is known for creating exquisite jewelry by hand using the rarest gemstones and diamonds in the world. The Graff Butterfly Diamond collection is one of the most iconic, popular and breathtaking collection Graff makes. Each piece is flawlessly created to mimic a delicate butterfly that comes in a diamond necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring. The Graff butterfly collection are exceptional pieces that are the epitome of timeless beauty and grace. Pricing for the Graff butterfly collection starts at $1,550. 

Final Thoughts on Why Buy Quiet Luxury Jewelry Brands

Graff Diamond Butterfly quiet luxury jewelry
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By purchasing quiet luxury jewelry you are someone who appreciates subtle, understated timeless elegant jewelry designers. These pieces feature exclusivity without logos, branding, or over saturation in the market. I tend to gravitate towards quiet luxury jewelry brands. I’d love to hear in the comments are you more of a quiet luxury jewelry person or do you love iconic, recognizable jewelry pieces?  

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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