5 Reasons the Lady Dior Bag is Popular

The best-selling and most iconic bag that Dior carries is the Lady Dior bag. Released in 1995, this bag continues to be desired, popular, and timeless. The reason the Lady Dior bag is popular is due to the fact it is a classic timeless Dior piece with a structured design, is known for its remarkable craftsmanship, it is easy to wear and to style, and it was one of Princess Diana’s favorite bags.

Why the Lady Dior bag is popular
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Princess Diana spotted wearing the Lady Dior Several Times

Princess Diana carrying a Navy Blue Lady Dior

One of the main reasons that the Lady Dior bag is popular is because of Princess Diana. The Lady Dior bag was gifted to Princess Di by the First Lady of France. At the time the Dior bag was not yet launched and called the Chouchou bag. A few months later, Princess Diana was carrying and photographed wearing what we know today as the Lady Dior bag. Princess Di was notorious for carrying a navy blue Lady Dior bag. She is responsible for securing the Lady Dior bag as an iconic bag forever. 

Classic Timeless Staple Dior Piece

Is the Lady Dior bag timeless
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The Lady Dior bag has been a classic timeless staple Dior piece since it launched in 1995. Designed by creative director Gianfranco Ferré, at the time of the release Dior didn’t realize they launched an iconic bag that would be popular almost 30 years later. This bag is the epitome of a timeless handbag that will never go out of style. What I love about the Lady Dior bag is it is available in several different sizes so you can purchase the size that works best for you. 

Structured bag

Reasons the Lady Dior bag is popular white lady dior bag

Many people gravitate towards the Lady Dior bag because of its structured look. The Lady Dior bag features a box shape, with 2 top handles, and a cross-body strap. This structured bag gives off a classic timeless look, appears more clean and minimalist, and can elevate any outfit that you are wearing. Lately, I’ve been inclined to purchase more structured bags. 

Easy to wear and style

Closeup of a limited edition white lady dior bag
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The Lady Dior is popular because it’s easy to wear and to style. This bag can be worn with a casual outfit or even with a more dressy outfit. Because it’s so versatile many people purchase the Lady Dior bag as their first Dior bag. Personally, I find that the Lady Dior bag is extremely easy to wear. I purchased this bag in a size small / ABC and love the thicker cross-body strap. I tend to wear it around the city when I’m dressed in simple jeans and when I’m heading to a more formal event. 

High Quality Craftsmanship

Best selling Dior bag
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The Lady Dior bag is known for its impeccable craftsmanship. This bag is hand created by Dior Ateliers. First Dior selects the highest quality leather to use on their bag, then they inspect that the Cannage stitching is perfect (quilted textile look). Lastly, they take the 144 pieces needed to create this iconic bag and model it around a wooden bag. Once it’s completed Dior does a final round of inspection and then it’s shipped off to the store to be sold. I love the fact that each Dior bag is created by hand, making every bag special.    

Where to buy a Lady Dior Bag?

Vintage Lady Dior bag
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There are a few options if you are looking to purchase a Lady Dior bag. You can purchase it directly from the Dior website, in stores, or from the vintage market. If you are looking to purchase a discounted Lady Dior bag then your best bet would to buy one online through a reputable vintage website such as Fashionphile or Rebag

Dior is constantly raising their prices, and the Lady Dior bag is always part of the price increase, so I always tell people if you are on the fence about purchase a Lady Dior bag then it’s better to do it sooner rather than later because you never know when there will be a price increase. 

Final Thoughts on why is the Lady Dior Bag Popular 

The Lady Dior bag is a popular bag and an investment worthy bag that is worth adding to your handbag collection. Over the years, Dior has even released limited edition Lady Dior bags that are perfect for special occasions. I’d love to hear in the comments what are your thoughts on the Lady Dior bag? 

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