Top 5 Luxury Backpacks for Every Style

A luxury backpack is an easy accessory to carry and style. I find that I tend to wear my backpack when I'm out on long walks around the city or want to carry ample items. A luxury backpack is an investment and splurge worthy. The best luxury backpacks include the Louis Vuitton backpack Montsouris, Dior Travel backpack, Chanel Gabrielle Backpack, YSL Backpack “Joe”, and the Lerme backpack.

Designer LV Backpack
LV Backpack © saki.luxlove

Louis Vuitton backpack “Montsouris”

Louis Vuitton Monogram Backpack in Black
Louis Vuitton Montsouris Monogram Black backpack © dejgaard

The first luxury backpack worth investing in comes from Louis Vuitton, which is called Montsouris. The name is in reference to one of the largest green spaces in Paris, Parc Montsouris. This bag was released in 1994, and peaked in popularity in the early 2000s, when everyone we saw on MTV seemed to be wearing this LV backpack. The functionality of the product is simple and straightforward: a voluminous main compartment, which is tightened with a cord and closed with a flap with a buckle, one inner pocket and one outer pocket with a zipper. The backpack was made of cowhide and had gold-colored fittings.

In 2017, LV relaunched the iconic model with a slight redesign. The front pocket has become flat, the cord has become longer, the lower part of the backpack has been sewn not from leather, as before, but from canvas. What I love about this bag is how simple and minimalist it is.

The Louis Vuitton Montsouris retails for $2,980
Dimensions: 10.8 x 13 x 5.5 inches
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Dior Travel Backpack

Dior logo Backpack
Dior Logo Backpack © KL_Love

The second luxury backpack worth purchasing comes from Dior. The Dior Travel Backpack is crafted from waterproof technical jacquard blue Dior Oblique. What I adore about this designer backpack is the modern and practical design. It incorporates signature elements of the most iconic Dior bags. The Dior Travel backpack has a large volume, a large pocket with a zipper on the front of the backpack. This allows you to carry a lot of things with you and have easy access to them.

The best part is, the large Dior Travel Backpack can be worn on the shoulder or on the back thanks to the handle and adjustable shoulder straps. This is a perfect luxury backpack for those who like to combine functionality and elegance. The Dior Travel Backpack is an accessory, both for city walks and for trips out of town. Shop vintage Dior Backpacks

Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

Chanel Backpack styled
Chanel Backpack © Peggy_loves

No list about luxury backpacks would be complete without a Chanel bag! Due to its popularity, the Chanel Gabrielle backpack has seen many updates over the years. A modern classic, the backpack's elegant practicality has been seen by style-setters including Penélope Cruz and Cara Delevingne.

This backpack can easily transform into a bag that can be worn both on the shoulder and over the shoulder on one chain. I adore the fact the Chanel backpack incorporates the iconic drawstring Chanel chain. If you are looking for a classic, timeless backpack, then I definitely recommend the Chanel Gabrielle backpack! Many people also gravitate towards the Chanel 22 bag as an alternative to the Gabrielle backpack. Shop vintage Chanel backpacks.

YSL Backpack “Joe”

YSL Joe Backpack styled
YSL Joe Backpack styled © netaporter

The YSL Luxury Backpack Joe gives off such a fun, sassy, rock n roll type vibe! This luxury backpack first appeared in the FW ‘21 collection. This bag closely resembles the iconic YSL Monogram bag. What I adore about this luxury backpack is how the base of the bag has a quilted pattern, while the top embraces the smooth leather design.

Yves Saint Laurent is notorious for mixing and matching its leathers and designs. The Joe Backpack has both the drawstring closure, and the magnetic front closure. Shop YSL Joe Backpack

Lerme  “Urban 6-10”

designer luxury backpacks
Black Designer Lerme Backpack © Lerme

Image carrying an ultra-rare backpack that exists today in only three styles in the whole world! This is the Urban 6-10 backpack from luxury accessories brand called Lerme. What I love about this backpack is that it is completely handmade. Before the design was finalized the designer, walked 10 thousand steps through the streets of the city testing the backpack and ensuring its high quality. The Urban 6-10 is made from French Rimbaud leather. It has a convenient flap pocket. Inside is a laptop pocket.

Best Luxury Designer backpacks
Luxury Backpacks worth investing in

Recap on the Best Luxury Backpacks For Every Style

Red Backpack styled
Designer Backpacks © vesslebags

I love luxury backpacks and designer backpacks. If you want to make your walks comfortable and look stylish at the same time, then buying a designer backpack is perfect for you!

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