5 Iconic His and Her Valentine’s Day Gifts 2023

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner now is the best time to discuss 5 iconic his and her Valentine’s Day gifts you can’t go wrong with! As someone who loves love, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! If you are looking for a gift for your plus one, you have come to the right place.

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Valentine's Day gift ideas 2023 © Petite in Paris

5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 

1. Cookies from Cookies by Design

Valentine's Day cookies by cookies by design
Valentine's Day Cookies from Cookies by Design

When it comes to a sweet and delicious treat, you can never go wrong with decadent Valentine's Day cookies from Cookies By Design. These fresh sugar cookies arrive in a beautiful display that will for sure wow your plus one! We splurged and decided to get the 12 pack because these of my favorite cookies to eat. 

For me, freshly baked cookies are a symbol of comfort and home. One of the best parts about receiving fresh cookies for Valentine’s Day, is that there is enough for everyone to share! With so many Valentine’s Day gift options, make sure that cookies are at the top of your list! You won’t be disappointed.

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2. Lingerie from Empress Mimi

Lingerie for valentine's day
Empress Mimi

If you are looking for an intimate gift for her this Valentine's Day, then a highly recommend lingerie from Empress Mimi. It can add a touch of romance and spice for this holiday. Empress Mimi offers a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs to fit everyone’s needs. Empress Mimi is my favorite place to purchase sexy lingerie that will ensure your partner feels confident and empowered! 

What I love about a partner purchasing lingerie is that it’s such an initiate experience and it will help you and your partner remind each other of the special connection you share.

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3. Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet

Cartier juste un clou bracelet

I always have to include one item that is splurge worthy on my gift guide, and this year, it’s the Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet. This bracelet has been taking the world by storm. This is a unique bracelet that is known to Cartier fans, but isn’t as mainstream as the Cartier Love bracelet. If you are looking to splurge, then I definitely recommend picking up a Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet for your girlfriend or wife. 

4. Flowers 

Flowers for valentine's Day

Flowers are a simple yet meaningful way to tell someone you love them. They symbolize love, beauty and affection. If you are looking for a simple Valentine's Day gift, then I definitely recommend flowers. Flowers are so beautiful and you have tons of options from a bouquet of roses (Costco, Sams and Trader Joes all have great prices on roses), or a mixed flower arrangement. 

For a flower that will last for more than a week, then I definitely recommend infinity roses that last a year. I’ve owned several of those throughout the years, and they always look great as decoration! 

5. Diamonds

Diamond tennis bracelet valentine's day
Diamond tennis bracelet from Brilliant Earth

As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend! One of the most iconic gifts you can get her are diamonds, from a gorgeous diamond engagement ring, to diamond bracelets, to earrings, to even a diamond necklace, the possibilities are endless. If you are sure looking to wow her, then this is a great time to surprise her with a diamond. There are tons of great places to purchase diamonds online, but my go-to place is Brilliant Earth

I love both natural and lab grown diamonds. The genetic makeup of both diamonds are identical and you cannot tell the difference.  I’ve written an entire article, about reasons to buy lab grown diamonds.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

1. Theragun 

Theragun for valentine's day

The Theragun is a handheld massage gun that is a great gift for those who work out, need a good deep tissue massage and are in to health and wellness. The Theragun can multiple different attachments that you can use on different parts of your body. This is such a great stress relief tool. My husband even travels with his Theragun (full disclaimer, security always search his bag when he brings it as a carry-on). 

What I love about the Theragun is the way it’s designed, you are actually able to use the device on yourself. We’ve had our Theragun now for several years and highly recommend it!

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2. Bottle of Whiskey / Whiskey Set 

Whiskey Box Gift Set from WILLIAMS SONOMA
Whiskey Set

For those who love hosting an Apero or dinner parties, then a nice whiskey set or a bottle of nice brand of Whiskey is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. This is a great gift for someone who is just starting their whiskey collection or is a novice in the space. My husband recommends for those starting a whiskey collection to try Johnnie Walker Green Label, Macallan 12 Year, or Nikka Coffey Grain Single Malt.  Plus, if you are new to whiskey, this is a fun thing that you both can enjoy together. 

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3. Bose Noise Cancellation Headphones

Bose Noise Cancelling headphones for valentine's day

Bose Noise Cancellation headphones are easily my favorite headphones to use while traveling. For those of you who love traveling, this is the perfect gift to get him for those plane or train rides. Over the last 3 years, I’ve literally purchased everyone in my family a pair of Bose headphones because I find the quality of the noise cancellation unbelievable. They are comfortable, provide great noise cancellation, perfect for travel, and make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. 

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4. Thursday Boots 

Thursday boots for valentine's day
Thursday Boots

I bought my husband a pair of Thursday boots on a recommendation online, and he had nothing but positive things to say about these boots. If you live a place where you need a good pair of boots because you spent a lot of time outside, or because of the snow, then I definitely recommend a pair of Thursday boots for your boyfriend or husband. While this isn’t the most romantic gift, I do think it is very practical.

5. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch for valentine's day
Nintendo Switch

If your boyfriend or husband loves gaming, then a Nintendo Switch makes for a great gift. I purchased the Switch for my husband 3 years ago on Valentine’s Day and we spend many hours playing games like Mario Kart, Wheel of Fortune, and even the new Ninja Turtles Game. This is a great gift that both people can utilize. Especially if you are like me and love Mario games and Mario Kart. With new games constantly being released, this is a gift that you can build on. Which means for another holiday, you can get them a game or a new controller. 

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Final Thoughts

There are so many incredible places to go Valentine’s Day shopping from Nordstrom to Selfridges to Target. Valentine's Day is such a great time of year to show your significant other, and family, that you love them! I’d love to hear in the comments, what is the most romantic thing you’ve done or has happened to you on Valentine's Day. ❤️

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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