The Best All White Outfit Ideas

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I love wearing neutral colors and white is no exception. This pre-fall season, I have seen countless people on social media and in person rocking an all white outfit. Normally, I mix and match different colors, but today I wanted to give the all white look a try. Not only will I share with you my all white look, but I will also share with you some of my favorite all white outfit looks from my social media influencers.  

how to wear an all white outfit
Diane wears an all white outfit, Strathberry handbag, and Louboutin heels

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you my favorite all white outfits, answering questions such as can you wear an all white outfit to work or is it true that you can’t wear white past labor day. In addition, I will be sharing with you my favorite all white style inspirations from instagram and pinterest, plus my favorite white skirts, tops, and shoes!

All white outfits have been popular for years. To be honest, I was always a little nervous to wear an all white outfit because it gets dirty quicker. After I got over this fear, I have been obsessed with wearing all white outfits. I tend to avoid wearing this look when I know there is a chance that it may get dirty.

Mixing Different white fabrics to create the perfect all white outfit 

Diane Coletta petite in paris wears an all white outfit
© Petite in Paris All white outfit

One key to ensuring your all white outfit is successful is to mix different fabrics. I’m all about layering and adding different textures to an outfit. My all white outfit, I wore a tweed skirt and a soft fuzzy white cardigan. Mixing and matching textures can come in many forms. I tend to work with contrasting fabrics, for example if you wear an all white silk skirt, then I will avoid wearing an all white silk top. Instead, wear a cotton top, or chunky sweater. I often will throw on a white cami when I'm unsure of how to match an outfit. 

Can you wear an all white outfit to work? 

all white work outfit
© Petite in Paris

I strongly believe you can wear an all white outfit to work. Think about the endless white blazers and timeless white button downs you can style with your white outfit. Let's not forget about a classic white dress, which is also perfect for work. In fact, wearing a white outfit is the perfect blend of statement making and chic. To answer your question, yes you can wear an all white outfit to work. 

Is it true you can’t wear white past Labor Day? 

stylish white outfits
© Petiteinparis / Diane Coletta – Marz

As we all know Labor Day is right around the corner, you may be looking for cute post Labor Day outfits, and are wondering does the rule you can’t wear white past Labor Day still apply? Well I’m here to tell you that no it doesn’t. I continue to wear all white and white outfits long after Labor Day. I think this rule is dated, and doesn't apply anymore!! I'd love to hear let me know what do you think on this topic? 

All white Style inspiration & All white winter outfit inspiration from popular Instagram and Pinterest photos

I've compiled a list of my favorite pre fall fashion trends that I've been seeing on instagram, Pinterest, and in my favorite digital fashion magazines. Enjoy these popular looks I've gathered! I know it's crazy to think about white winter outfits right now, but I swear, with the way this year is going winter will be here before we know it. This is why I wanted to share with you some of my favorite all white winter outfit inspirations as well.

all white casual look
Casual all white look

In short, always remember when you are styling an all white outfit is to mix and match different fabrics and textures! I'd love to hear in the comments what are your thoughts about wearing an all white outfit, and if you have any styling tips!

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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