Introducing the New Chanel Kelly Bag of 2023

Move over Chanel heart bag, there is a new Chanel bag in town; the new Chanel Kelly bag is officially out! While the Chanel Kelly bag isn’t officially, it’s called the Mini shopper, Chanel fans around the world are reminiscing on how it looks like the remake of the vintage classic Chanel Kelly bag. 

Pink Chanel kelly bag
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Is it true only VIC clients can purchase this bag? 

Black Chanel Kelly bag price
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Rumor has it that in the US you will be offered the new Chanel Kelly bag if you are VIC (very important customer) customer! Of course, I had to see if this rumor was true. After talking to several stores in the US trying to secure a Chanel Kelly bag, I was told that they were either out of stock, on a long wait list or reserved only for VIC customers. 

If you are trying to purchase the Chanel Kelly Bag in Europe, I was told there by my SA they sell them as soon as they come in. Similar to the Hermes Birkin and Kelly game in Paris, there is a chance you can be offered one without a buying history or being a VIC client

Is the New Chanel Kelly Bag a timeless or trendy piece?

runway Chanel kelly bag
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In my opinion, the Chanel Kelly bag (The Shopping mini tote) is a timeless piece because it is a remake of a cult classic Chanel bag, is extremely high in demand, features the timeless design that has been popular since 1995, and is an extremely versatile bag that is easy to wear and style with the two top handles and the crossbody strap.  

How much does the new Chanel Kelly Bag Cost?

Chanel kelly price 2023

The Cost is the new Chanel Kelly bags is $4,400 for the mini size! As of right now there is only one size available. Given the popularity of this bag, my guess is they will release more sizes soon 

What colors does the New Chanel Kelly Bag come in?

pink and Black Chanel Kelly
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As of Sept 2023, the Chanel Kelly bag comes in 2 colors the Coral Pink and Black. I’m anticipating this new Chanel Kelly bag aka the Chanel shopping tote bag will be released in more colors in the future. 

Comparing the vintage Chanel Kelly to the New Chanel Kelly Bag

New Chanel Kelly Bag and vintage Chanel bag

The original Chanel Kelly bag was released in 1995. The vintage Chanel Kelly and the New Chanel Kelly bag feature the same trapezoid design, the interlocking Chanel gold details, two top hands, one open compartment, and a front flap closure. The main difference is the New Chanel bag features a gold chain allowing you to wear the bag as a crossbody. 

If you love the New Chanel Kelly bag, but aren’t a VIC then I highly recommend you purchase a vintage Chanel Kelly bag. With only minor differences you are able to get the same great look without the headache of trying to secure this new bag. My favorite places to purchase a vintage Chanel Kelly bag is Fashionphile and The Real Real.  

Final thoughts

Black Chanel Kelly bag
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The new Chanel Kelly bag craze is eerily similar to the Chanel Heart bag craze! We can only hope that the Chanel Kelly bag will be part of the Chanel lineup and not only a season piece. Would love to hear your thoughts on the new Chanel Kelly bag in the comments! 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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