5 Cheap Chanel Bags for under $1,000

I’ve spent countless hours researching this Parisian luxury brand and with that research I came across several preloved Cheap Chanel bags that are priced under 1k. Yes, you read that correctly, Discounted Authentic Chanel bags that are priced under $1,000. If you are open to purchasing Chanel bags that are not the classics, then this article is perfect for you!

Vintage Chanel Bag Black Drawstring
Black Chanel Drawstring Bag © peggyloves

Why buy Preloved Discounted Chanel Bags?

Where to buy Cheap Vintage Chanel Bags
Discounted Chanel Bags © reanvintage

There are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to buy a secondhand luxury handbag. The first reason is that you can buy Chanel Bags at a steep discount. Several of these vintage Chanel bags are going for way under retail price.

It is important to note that when you are buying preloved Chanel bags that many of them are used / preloved and may need to be treated, conditioned or sometimes repaired. What I love about buying Preloved Chanel bags is the fact that many of these bags are over 10 years old and they appear to be in good condition! Chanel bags from the 90s and early 2000s, the quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. 

When shopping for preloved bags, you need to make sure the place you are buying from has a good authentication process. Which is why I highly recommend shopping at these 3 online places for Discounted Chanel Bags: Fashionphile, Rebag, and TheRealReal.

CHANEL Vintage Quilted Shoulder Bag

Cheap Chanel Bag under 1000
Chanel Vintage Quilted Shoulder Bag

First on the list is this Chanel Vintage Quilted Shoulder Bag, and it’s giving me all sorts of early 2000s vibes. This Vintage Chanel is priced under 1k and it’s by far my favorite on the list. What I love is the instantly recognizable classic quilted Chanel pattern, and the gold chain link accent. This Vintage Chanel bag can be easily worn on your shoulder. 

Size ( HxWxD)6.5″ X 6.75″ X 4″ in

Keep in mind, any vintage bag is going to have some wear and tear on the outside (which can be cleaned with leather conditioner). Normally, if a vintage bag has wear and tear on the inside I'm not too worried about it since nobody sees the inside of the bag.

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CHANEL Jersey Quilted CC Chocolate Bar Flap Burgundy / Beige

Chanel Chocolate Bar color burgundy wine priced under 1k
Cheap Chanel Bag · Discounted Chanel Bag

The next Chanel bag for under 1k is this Chanel Jersey Quilted CC Chocolate bar color in burgundy. This rich burgundy color is just wow. I love everything about this bag, the color, the small size, and even the subtle Chanel logo on the front.

The best part about this Chanel bag is the price, which comes in slightly under $900. While the strap isn’t long enough to wear as a crossbody bag, it definitely makes for a great shoulder bag.  I also found a Chanel Lambskin one in the beige color which is priced at $850. This is definitely one of the cheapest Chanel bags on the list and definitely worth the price! This Chanel Model comes from the 2003 Circa!

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Size ( LXWXH)10″ X 1.75″ X 5.5″ in

CHANEL Lambskin Shopping Tote Black

Chanel Tote Bag under 1k
Black Chanel Tote Under 1k

A Black Chanel Tote bag for under $1k? Yes, please!! This Black Chanel Lambskin tote bag is priced at $875! I love a good, high quality tote bag (which is evident by my article about the best tote bags). And this Chanel Tote bag looks incredible, not to mention that classic Chanel craftsmanship…perfection! This tote bag is built to last!

A classic tote bag is always a good investment, there are so many things you can fit inside it, it can be worn as an everyday bag and it could even double as a work bag.

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Size ( HxWxD)12.5″ X 14″ X 5″ in

CHANEL Suede Quilted Flap Bag

Chanel Suede Flap Bag
Discounted Chanel Bags

This Black Chanel Suede Quilted bag is to die for! This bag is from the late 90s / early 2000s and was designed under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld… such an instant classic. The Chanel suede shoulder bag features the classic Chanel double C logo in brass hardware (Silver). This discounted Chanel Suede Quilted bag is priced just right at slightly under 1k. 

Size ( HxWxD)9″ X 13.75″ X 4.25″ in

What I love about this Chanel bag, is it has the classic Chanel Flap look and feel but at a fraction of the price. If you are open to adding a suede bag to your collection, then this is the perfect suede bag for you. 

CHANEL Caviar Quilted Hobo Black

Vintage Chanel Cheap Caviar Bag Black
Black Chanel Caviar Bag Hobo Style

I love a good Chanel Caviar bag, and this Chanel Caviar Hobo bag is giving me 2012 vibes all over again, and I love it. This bag is big and a tad oversized, and mini bags are all the rage at this moment. HOWEVER, bigger bags will return into style again, and right now big bags are selling at a steep discount, which is why now is the time to add a big vintage bag to your collection, and I think this Chanel Caviar Hobo bag is perfect. 

Size ( LXWXH)15″ X 10″ X 4.75″ in

The reason why I love Caviar Chanel bags compared to Lambskin Leather is they are built to last. The Caviar leather helps minimize the appearance of scratches, wear and tear, and withstands the test of time. Priced at $990, this discounted Chanel bag in my opinion is a steal, and definitely won't last long.

Recap on 5 Cheap Chanel Bags for under $1,000

Cheap Vintage Chanel Bag Black
Where to buy Discounted Chanel Bags © peggyloves

In short, it is possible to find Discounted Chanel Bags for under 1k, but you have to do some searching, and know where to look. I love purchasing vintage Chanel bags from preloved shops that know how to authentic bags, treat their bags well, and sell them for under retail price. I'd love to hear in the comments, what's the cheapest Chanel bag you've been able to find on the vintage market?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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