Chanel Price Increase List in Europe 2022

Breaking News!! As of August 2022, Chanel has announced a Chanel price increase in Europe! At this point, it should come to no surprise that Chanel announced another price increase. I know you’re thinking here we go again, I am too.

Chanel Shopping bags in Paris
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Could the Chanel price increase have anything to do with the Euro and the USD being equal? A few months ago I mentioned with the fall of the Europe, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pricing on luxury goods increased in Europe… Fast-forward to today, and here we are.

Chanel isn't the first luxury brand to announce an increase on their bags in Europe. Did they come out and say, it was because of the Euro being Equal to the USD? No, but I’m speculating that it has something to do with it. 

Ready to discover the New Chanel bag Prices with the 2022 increase in Europe?

Chanel Price Increase List in Europe August 2022

Many Color Chanel bags Chanel price increase list in Europe
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When it comes to the Chanel Price increase list in Europe, it’s important to make note that it’s not an even amount across the board, but as you can see on average it’s around 9%. Some bags increased more than other bags. I’ve gone through the entire Chanel Europe website to figure out which bags were impacted by the August 2022 price increase so you don’t have to. 

ItemOld PriceNew Price% Change
Chanel Classic Small€7750€8450+9.03%
Chanel Classic
Chanel Classic Maxi€8900€9700+8.99%
Chanel Mini 2.55€4000€4350+8.75%
Chanel 2.55€8250€8990+8.97%
Chanel Boy Bag€5400€5900+9.26%
Chanel Mini
Coco Handle

In Short, August 2022, there was a Chanel price increase in Europe averaging 9%. The Chanel boy Bag saw a price increase of 9.26% while the Chanel mini 2.55 saw a price increase of 8.75%. Shop Preloved Chanel Handbags.

Is it still worth it to buy the Chanel bag in Europe vs US?

Did Chanel increase their prices
Is Chanel cheaper in Europe VS USA © chanelinternational

With the Chanel price increase in Europe you may be wondering if it’s still worth it to buy a Chanel bag in Europe? Typically, Luxury Bags are cheaper in Europe. I’ve gone ahead and priced out and calculated the Chanel Classic Small price difference between Europe and the USA to see if this bag is still worth it to purchase a Chanel in Europe. Example: Chanel Classic Small bag in Black with Grained Calfskin & Gold-Tone Hardware August 2022.

Paris, France Pricing
Europe Pricing€8450
Euro Pricing after VAT Tax refund:
(8450 Euros – 12%)
Converted to USD$7685
NYC, USA Pricing
USA Pricing$8200
USA Pricing after Sales Tax (NYC):
($8,200 + 8.875%)
Price Difference
Percentage Difference15%

In Short, yes, even with the Chanel price increase in Europe, it is still Cheaper to Purchase the bag in Europe by over $1200! The savings can definitely help pay for some of your trip to Europe! If you're not traveling to Europe, you can always purchase a Chanel Bag on the Preloved Market!

Will there be Another Price increase in Europe for Chanel in 2022?

Chanel Bags price increase list in Europe
Will there be another Chanel Price increase? © willamazing

With the year halfway over, I’m unsure if there will be another Price increase for Chanel in Europe. Perhaps, there will be a price increase in the US, although once again I can’t be sure because I don’t have a crystal ball. With that being said, with Chanel you never know, as we’ve seen in the past, their price increases are often and typically unannounced.  

Is a Chanel Bag still worth the price?

Neutral Chanel bags
Neutral Chanel bags © bag.obsessions_

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, it’s definitely still worth it to purchase a Chanel bag even with a price increase. As you’ve seen from the last couple of years, Chanel has been constantly increasing their price at least once a year. I always tell people if you are thinking about purchasing a Chanel bag the best time to do it is now. I know from past experience being frustrated that I waited to purchase a bag and then there was a price increase and I was frustrated I didn’t purchase it then. 

In my opinion, now the time to buy a Chanel bag secondhand. Okay, hear me out, the preloved websites that sell Chanel bags probably haven’t had time to react super quickly to the European price increase. With that being said, now is a good time to purchase a Chanel bag on the preloved market. My favorite places to buy the Preloved Chanel bags include: Fashionphile, The RealReal, and What Goes Around Comes NYC!

Recap on the Chanel Price Increase in Europe 2022

Chanel colorful bags hanging on Chanel hangers
Colorful Chanel handbags © wholoves_pastel

In short, in August 2022, Chanel increased their prices on bags on an average of 9% in Europe. Classic Chanel bags are now priced starting at €7750. Someone please get me a time machine to go back to 2010 when Classic Chanel bags were only $2,850. 

If you are considering to head to Paris or Europe on holiday and you are thinking about purchasing a bag, it is still cheaper to purchase a Chanel bag in Europe vs the US. I do think the Chanel bag is still a great timeless, investment piece, and worth the price. I would also recommend checking out the preloved market for some good discounts on Chanel bags. Are you shocked by the Chanel price increase in Europe?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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