Hotel Barriere Majestic Junior Suite Experience in Cannes

Surprisingly, Cannes is a relatively small city. In fact, only 75k people live there. People often know the city because of the Cannes Film Festival and is frequently associated with luxury and famous people. Because of this, when you visit the city, you have hundreds of options on which hotel to stay at.  

Hotel Majestic Barriere Cannes Experience
Diane on the balcony at Hotel Barriere Majestic in a Junior Suite

Given this was my first time in Cannes, I wanted to make sure that the experience was extraordinary, which is why I booked a Junior Suite at the Hotel Barriere Majestic. With 92 suites at the hotel, raving reviews on TripAdvisor and all over the Internet, I knew the Hotel Barriere Majestic was the choice for me.

I’ve now had the opportunity to stay at not only 1 Barriere Hotel, but 3 different ones, and what I can tell you is their service is unmatched. The cream de la crème when it comes to hotels. Before I jump into my experience staying at the Barriere Majestic, I wanted to give you a short history of the hotel. 

History of the Hotel Barrière Majestic in Cannes 

history of the majestic hotel barriere cannes
History of Hotel Barriere Majestic in Cannes © Barriere

The Hotel Barriere Le Majestic in Cannes first opened its doors in 1926. The hotel is filled with a rich history. Being one of the oldest hotels in Cannes, it embraces both the art-deco era and modern luxury. 10 years ago the Barriere expanded and added the left wing to the hotel, completing the U shaped look you see today.

The story goes, when the hotel was built in 1926, Barriere had a vision of having a U shaped hotel, however this was not possible because a bank occupied the space. 

As luck may have it, the space that the bank occupied became available and the Hotel Barriere purchased this space. This allowed Barriere to complete the original vision of having a U shaped hotel, with a majority of the rooms with a sea front view. Today, the Barriere Majestic hotel has the most ocean facing hotel rooms in Cannes.

Experience staying at the Hotel Barriere in the Junior Suite

Hotel Barriere Majestic Junior Suite
Diane waking up in the Junior Suite at the Hotel Barriere Majestic

When we first arrived at the hotel, there was a tad mixup with our room. For me, you can really tell how good a hotel is when things don’t run perfectly. The reception stayed calm, cool and collective as they were able to sort out our reservation quickly. We were then escorted to our Junior Suite, and let me tell you the room and the view were incredible. To make the room feel more homey, the Barriere hotel placed fresh flowers in our suite.

The Junior Suite is 40M2 (430 Square feet) with plenty of space for 2 people to spread out. For me, I slept like a baby and was woken up by the beautiful sunrise over the water.

Not only was the hotel and the Junior Suite gorgeous, the staff was remarkable!! I can't say enough great things about the staff, they went above and beyond for a birthday celebration, and were even able to help when I forgot my contact solution in Paris.

Experience eating at the different Barriere Restaurants

Hotel Barriere Majestic Breakfast Buffet
Enjoying breakfast buffet at the Hotel Majestic in Cannes

During my stay at the Barriere Majestic hotel, I was able to enjoy the buffet breakfast in the morning, La Plage Le Majestic for lunch and finally for dinner I ate at Fouquet's Cannes. 

To be honest, I was a tad nervous eating at the buffet for breakfast, I had no idea how it would be set up with Covid. The great news is they did a remarkable job of ensuring there was space between tables, and the buffet had a plexiglass barrier between guests and the servers. This made me feel at ease and safe. The buffet was delicious and they had many popular breakfast food items such as: eggs, waffles, pancakes, salmon and much, much more.   

For lunch or dinner, I highly recommend visiting La Plage Le Majestic on the water. We were able to sit on the deck with a gorgeous view of the water. Not only was the view remarkable, but the food was top-notch. The menu was created by Argentine chef Mauro Colagreco, who has a 3 Michelin star restaurant. I would recommend ordering from the wood fire oven section because this is what Chef Colagreco is known for.

Were any movies filmed at the Hotel Barriere Majestic?

Junior Suite at the Hotel Majestic in Cannes
Diane enjoying the sunset in her Suite at the Hotel Majestic

Since the Cannes Film Festival is so close to the hotel, you may be wondering if any movies were filmed at this five-star hotel or have been featured in our favorite movies? The short answer is yes, several movies were shot either inside the Hotel Barriere Majestic or just outside. 

A few of the most popular movies that were filmed at the Hotel Barriere Majestic include: Mélodie en Sous-Sol, La Femme fatale, and Ronin with Robert De Niro.

The most famous being the Mélodie en Sous-Sol, which was filmed inside a hotel. In fact, there is even a suite dedicated solely to this movie, called the Mélodie Suite. This Suite starts at 8,000 Euros a night.

Scattered around the hotel, you'll find thousands of original photographs taken from the Cannes Film Festival over the years. 

Not only are movies shot at the hotel, it is notorious for having movie stars stay at the hotel, especially during the Cannes Film Festival. Keep in mind, if you happen to see a celeb while staying at the hotel, it’s probably a good idea not to take their photo, they want to enjoy their vacation as well! 

Can you see the Cannes Film festival red carpet from the hotel?

Cannes Film Festival red carpet view from hotel Barriere Majestic
Cannes Film Festival red carpet view from Hotel Barriere Majestic

A common question the hotel gets asked is, can you see the red carpet from the Hotel Barriere Majestic? The answer is yes, you can see the Cannes Film Festival red carpet from a few different suites at the Barriere Majestic Hotel in Cannes.

This is the ideal location for photographs and people alike to watch the red carpet experience. You have a bird's eye view of the red carpet and you don’t have to fight off other photographers or people to see what is happening. 

It is important to note that you cannot see the red carpet from all the suites in the hotel, so make sure to double-check if this is something that is important to you. 

Price of a Room at the Hotel Barriere Majestic in Cannes

Diane at the Hotel Majestic Private pool in the Penthouse Suite

As many of you know, the price of a hotel room varies based upon the time of year and the type of room. Of course, during the Cannes Film Festival the rooms sell out quickly and need to booked in advanced, sometimes even years in advance. Below is a table of the Hotel Barriere Majestic average price per room and room type.

Room TypeStarting Price (2021)
Sea View Room431€ / Per Night
Junior Sea View Suite635€ / Per Night
Exceptional Suites6,000€ / Per Night
Dior / Penthouse SuiteCall for Pricing

Would I recommend staying at the Hotel Barriere Majestic

Hotel Majestic Private Beach Experience
Diane at the Private Beach wearing a Bikini & white button down

You may be wondering, do I recommend staying at the Majestic Hotel Barriere in Cannes, and the short answer is yes! Overall, I would highly recommend staying at the Hotel Barriere Majestic, this five-star hotel offers immaculate service and is able to cater to your every need. For me, there is no other hotel in Cannes that compares.  I'd love to hear your holiday plans for the summer, do you plan to travel to Cannes or even to Paris this summer??

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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