Is Hermes Cheaper in Paris in 2023?

Are you traveling to Paris with the intention of getting your hands on a coveted Hermes bag? If so, you are probably curious if Hermes is Cheaper in Paris? The short answer is yes, Hermes is cheaper in Paris by roughly 15-30% depending on the item you purchase! If you are purchasing a Birkin 30 you will save over $4,000 if you purchase it in Paris! Today we are going to be taking a deep dive into how much cheaper Hermes bags are, accessories are and shoes are in Paris!

Is Hermes cheaper in Paris
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Why is Hermes cheaper in Paris?

Black Hermes Kelly bag styled size 32
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There are a few reasons why Hermes is cheaper in Paris. The first reason is that Hermes is headquartered in Paris. This means by purchasing an item at Hermes in Paris you don’t have to pay for the duty tax, transportation costs, state tax, import tax that you see built into the price at your local Hermes store. 

The second reason is France offers an incentive for tourist to go shopping and spend money, and this is incentive is known as receiving a VAT TAX refund. The VAT Tax refund is on average for luxury purchases a 12% discount off the retail price you see. This refund will be processed after you leave France, but it is well worth it! 

The third reason Hermes is cheaper in France is due to the fact that the Euro isn’t as strong of a currency as it once was. With the EURO to USD being almost equal, this is the perfect time to go shopping in Paris for your Hermes luxury needs.

Is Hermes Bags cheaper in Paris?

Size 30 Birkin in gold togo leather
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One of the most desired bags is a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag. I’ve even written an entire article about tips and tricks for buying a Hermes Birkin in Paris and even secret tips to buying a Hermes bag online. With that being said, let’s take a look at how much cheaper it is to buy a Hermes bag in Paris compared to the US. Pricing as of March 2023

Hermes Birkin Togo, size 30 in Paris€8,900
Hermes Birkin Togo, size 30 in Paris after VAT TAX refund of 12%€7,832
Hermes Birkin Togo, size 30 in Paris Euro converted to USD$8,253
Hermes Birkin Togo, size 30 in the US$11,600
Hermes Birkin Togo, size 30 in the US, plus sales tax (NYC 8.875%)$12,629
Savings if purchased in Paris, France$4,376

In short, by purchasing a Hermes Birkin bag in Paris you will save roughly $4,376, which could pay for your entire trip to Paris! To me, it's worth traveling to Paris to purchase a Hermes bag. The same concept applies to the Hermes Kelly and Constance bag as well!

Is Hermes Scarves Cheaper in Paris?

Is Hermes Scarves Cheaper in Paris
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One of the most popular accessories purchased from a Hermes store is the Hermes scarf. Let’s compare prices and take a look at the Hermes scarf 90 which measures at 36” x 36”.

Hermes 90 scarf in Paris€460
Hermes 90 scarf in Paris after VAT TAX refund of 12%€404.80
Hermes 90 scarf in Paris, Euro converted to USD$426.57
Hermes 90 scarf in US$510
Hermes 90 scarf in US plus sales tax (NYC 8.875%)$555.26
Savings if purchased in Paris, France$128.69

With lower value items you won’t see as much of a price difference between the two countries, however you will still save a little over $100 on a Hermes Scarf, which in my book makes it still worth purchasing in Paris if you are overseas on holiday. 

Is Hermes Oran Sandals cheaper in Paris?

Hermes Oran sandals
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The Hermes Oran sandals are always at the top of the list for most desired sandals from Hermes. As someone who owns Oran sandals and purchased them in Paris many years ago, I can attest they are a great purchase and last for several years. 

Hermes Oran Sandals in Paris€565
Hermes Oran Sandals in Paris after VAT TAX Refund of 12%€497.20
Hermes Oran Sandals in Paris converted to USD$523.94
Hermes Oran Sandals in US$660
Hermes Oran Sandals in US plus sales tax (NYC 8.875%)$718.58
Savings if purchased in Paris, France$194.64

Similar to the Hermes scarf you won’t see a crazy price difference, but once again if you are in Paris on holiday and are considering purchasing the Hermes Oran sandals than you will save a roughly $200 by purchasing these sandals in Paris compared to the US.

Final thoughts

Close-up a hermes kelly bag

By purchasing the same items from Hermes at the Paris store, you will be saving yourself some money that could be used to save for future purchases or even to help pay for part of your holiday. The next time you are traveling to Paris and are thinking about splurging on something from Hermes, feel free to use this article to justify your purchase! (This is how I justify all my purchases!)

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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