Le Bon Marché Shopping Guide! 

People from all over the world travel to Paris to go shopping. One of the most famous shopping destinations in the entire city is called Le Bon Marché. This department store is home to the most exclusive brands in the world. Today I’m going to share with you the history of Le Bon Marché, stores you’ll find, and a secret shopping insider tip that most people don’t know about!

Le Bon Marche shopping guide
Inside Bon Marche in Paris, Elevators designed by Andrée Putman

History of Le Bon Marché

History of Bon Marche
Historical photo of Le Bon Marche in Paris

Le Bon Marché was the first department store in the world. Founded in 1852 by husband and wife duo Aristide and Marguerite Boucicaut. By observing customer’s behaviors, this dynamic duo were pioneers in revolutionizing the shopping experience. Shoppers were invited to the department store to touch, browse and feel the products before purchasing, which was something that was never done before. 

Boucicaut teamed up with architect Louis-Charles Boileau and engineer Gustave Eiffel (Who created the Eiffel Tower) to design a one-of-a-kind space. Because of this collaboration, understanding of lighting and product marketing allows Le Bon Marche to continue to be a success.

In 1984 LVMH group, which also owns Louis Vuitton and Dior, acquired Bon Marche. Today under the LVMH direction, Bon Marche has thrived being able to pivot quickly in many economic downturns and the rise of online shopping by adapting to change and staying true to its core values.

What you'll find inside

Discount shopping at Bon Marche in Paris
Shopping inside Bon Marche

Bon Marche has 8 floors and is home to over 300 brands, ranging from well known luxury brands to up-and-coming talent and designers. Inside you’ll find some of the most popular luxury brands such as, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Dior, Chloe, Christian Louboutin, Moyna, Roger Vivier, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, and more! If you are looking for jewelry or watches, you’ll find designers such as Rolex, Chaumet, Cartier, Dinh Van, Hermes, Messika, Piaget, and more!

If clothing is what you’re after, then, you will be delighted with the Parisian brands offered for both men and women. Some of these brands include Bash, Claudie Pierlot, Etro, Gerard Darel, Isabel Marant, IRO, Joseph, Kenzo, Kujten, and many more!

The beauty and perfume department is one of the highlights. If you’ve ever had the desire to purchase a Parisian Perfume, then this is the place to do it. Bon Marche carries a wide array of perfume from the classics that have been popular for decades to new trendy scents. Don’t forget to check out the beauty counter, to achieve the secret Parisian red lip

Bon Marche invites children to play, have fun, and touch their toys in an entire floor dedicated to them, called the children department. You’ll find everything from Fashion, footwear, toys, books, and accessories. 

Across the street you will find their famous grocery store called La Grande Épicerie. A truly delightful treat for after a busy day of shopping. La Grande Épicerie holds over 30,000 different food items from around the world! My personal favorite being the truffle Gouda cheese!

Special Discounts – La Carte 24 Sèvres

How does La Carte 24 Sèvres Bon Marche work
Shopping at Le Bon Marché Paris © Gabriel de la Chapelle

Did you know that Le Bon Marche offers a speciality loyalty card that only locals know about? This loyalty card is called “La Carte 24 Sèvres.” If you plan to do tons of shopping in Paris, then you must take advantage of secret the Bon Marche discounts. With a bit of strategizing over the course of 3 days, you’ll be able to take advantage of this little shopping secret very few people know about. Before traveling to Paris, you can sign up for the Bon Marche discount card online for free.

Think of it as a 3-day shopping extravaganza. Here is a simple breakdown.

Day 1Spend 500 Euros shopping on day 1
Day 2Activate your privilege day to get a 10% refund in the form of a store credit, then SHOP ALL DAY
Day 3Spend the money you have accrued on your La Carte 24 Sèvres card from Day 2
Last Step Make sure each day you get the VAT Tax Refund for an extra 12% back on your purchases.

Finally, Le Bon Marché offers special promotional days throughout the year, If you happen to be in Paris during this time you could stack your privilege day with the other promotions offered during the year. These include: The ‘TBM' (Très Bon Marché) days, in October and March, Private offers in November and June, Exceptionable days in December and June, Le Blanc, from December to January and the Summer and Winter Sales in Paris.

Le Bon Marche Vat Tax Refund

Bon Marche vat tax refund

If you spend over €100.01 at Bon Marche you qualify for an additional 12% refund on your purchases that will be refunded to your credit card. Here is a quick breakdown of the process.

  • Spend €100.01 at Bon Marche (Bring your passport, shopping)
  • After you're done shopping for the day at Bon Marche, head over to the concierge to process your refund
  • Take the documents Bon Marche's concierge gave you to the airport / train station to scan at the Detax refund station
  • Show the Customs officer your purchases
  • Declare your purchases when entering your home country
  • In 30-90 days you will receive a 12% refund of your purchases on your credit card

Here is a more detail explanation of the VAT Tax refund process in Paris, France.

Exhibitions, Art and Culture

Le Bon Marche exhibits
Bon Marche creative initatives

In addition to being one of the best places to shop in Paris, Bon Marche is committed to art and culture. The store hosts a number of exhibitions, artist takeovers, and other events every year that showcase the work of many artists and creators from all over the world. Year round, Le Bon Marche is decorated with these creative initiatives that are designed to inspire and delight you. One of the things that sets Le Bon Marche apartment from the other department stores is its commitment to artists and creative creators.

Recap on Le Bon Marche Shopping

Le Bon Marche beauty shopping
Beauty department inside Bon Marche

You have options when it comes to shopping, there are several popular department stores in Paris. One destination on the top of your list should be Bon Marche. Bon Marche was the first Department store in the world, is a beautiful building on the inside and out, has special exhibitions, is home to over 300 brands, and offer exclusive discounts. Have you had the pleasure of shopping at Le Bon Marche?

Le Bon Marché Address: 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France
Hours: 10 AM – 7:45PM

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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