5 Luxury Logo Belts that are Timeless

Investing in a luxury logo belt can elevate an outfit. I love wearing a luxury belt because it allows you to easily mix high-priced and low-priced pieces together.  The best luxury logo belts that are timeless and worth investing in include the Hermes belt, the Celine Triomphe Belt, the Ferragamo belt, Loewe Anagram Belt, and Tom Ford Reservable Belt

Luxury designer belts
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Hermes H belt

Best luxury logo belts Hermes H belt
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The Hermes H belt is the first luxury belt I added to my belt collection. There are 2 belts from Hermes that I gravitate towards, the first is the small Hermes H belt, and the second is the Hermes Kelly belt. Hermes is known their high quality leather, craftsmanship, and quiet luxury designs. I’ve had my Hermes H belt now for almost 10 years and I still love it and wear it constantly! 

If you are looking for a way to purchase a Hermes quota bag this helps with your Hermes purchase history. This belt retails for $690 price. There are several ways to purchase a Hermes belt, you can purchase it in store, online, or get a vintage one at a discounted price.

Celine Small Triomphe belt

Designer belts celine logo belt
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The Celine Small Triomphe belt features the iconic Celine logo on a small thin belt strap. What I love about this belt is all the different ways you can style it. You can easily wear it with a dress, pants, shorts, or even create a silhouette with a blazer. It looks great styled with a Celine bag as well.

In the last few weeks I’ve received so many messages about the Celine Triomphe logo belt and if I think it will stay in style for years to come. My answer is simple, yes I think it’s a timeless belt that you will be able to wear for years. If you are looking for a classic, simple belt with a gold buckle then the Celine Triomphe belt is perfect for you. This belt retails for $590 and can be purchased directly at the Celine store or online. If you want an old Celine Triomphe style you'll have to buy a vintage one.

Ferragamo Gancini belt 

Ferragamo logo belt styled
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I first saw the Ferragamo Gancini belt at a Ferragamo event I was invited to in Paris and it was love at first sit. Due to this belt’s popularity it comes in a variety of sizes and styles. I gravitate towards the smaller Ferragamo Gancini model. Due to the fact that this is an adjustable belt it’s super easy to style with a variety of outfits. I’ve even worn this belt on the outside of a winter coat.

If you are looking for an adjustable luxury logo belt, that is easy to style and uses the iconic Ferragamo Gancini silhouette, then this belt is perfect for you. What I love about this belt is how it often goes on sale especially if you are open to getting a seasonal color. Shop Ferragamo Gancini Belts

Loewe Anagram Belt

Loewe Designer belt styled
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The Loewe Anagram textured-leather belt is by far my favorite belt to wear this year. What I love about this belt is how versatile it is. The Loewe Belt can be worn for any season, and can be paired with almost anything in your closet. I love the yellow gold emblem logo on the belt which is perfect for me, because I tend to wear a lot of yellow gold jewelry.  

The Loewe logo isn’t as well known as some of the other brands and for this reason it falls into the quiet luxury category. If you are looking for a belt that isn’t recognizable, timeless, high quality, easy to style and wear then the Loewe Anagram belt is perfect for you. Priced at $450, this belt is definitely worth purchasing. Shop Loewe Anagram Belts

Tom Ford Reversible belt

Tom ford T logo belt styled women
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Tom Ford’s reservable belt is a luxury belt that features the iconic T logo in gold hardware. What I love about this belt is how it is reversible so it’s really like two belts for the price of one. The Tom Ford belt is one of those belts that is so timeless you’ll be able to wear it for years to come. 

The Tom Ford logo belt is perfect for someone who is looking for a subtle luxury belt, with a sleek design, that is made with high quality leather, timeless and easy to style. I highly recommend the Tom Ford Reversible belt. The retail price is $750. 

Final Thoughts on Luxury Logo Belts

By purchasing a luxury belt you are investing in a high quality accessory that will last for years to come. I’ve been impressed with how long my luxury belts have lasted. I’d love to hear in the comments do you have a favorite luxury belt? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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