The Most Popular Chaumet Rings

I first discovered Chaumet jewelry when I moved to Paris. Chaumet is one of the best jewelry houses in Paris, has a rich history of providing jewelry to the royal families, and exhibits quiet luxury. Chaumet is known for its timeless jewelry. The most popular Chaumet rings include the Bee My Long Ring, Josephine Ring, and the Jeux de Liens Ring.

Popular Chaumet Rings
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Bee My Love Ring

Popular Chaumet Rings bee my collection
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The Chaumet Bee My Love Ring is one of the newest collections that Chaumet released and I absolutely adore is simple yet elegant design. The Bee My Love Ring is known for its hexagonal shape that is a modern interpretation of a honeycomb. This ring represents love and devotion.

This ring is perfect for someone who is looking to begin their Chaumet jewelry collection, wants a simple, dainty, timeless ring that represents love. What I love about the Bee My Love Ring is that you can wear it as a standalone piece or you can stack it. Pricing starts under $1,000 for the all gold ring and goes up in price for the diamond pieces. 

Josephine Ring

Josephine Chaumet ring in blue
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The most iconic and recognizable ring that Chaumet carries is the Josephine Ring. The Josephine collection is inspired by Empress Josephine of France. Chaumet created many pieces of jewelry for the Empress. The Josephine ring is known for its V-shaped band and oval jewel setting at the top of the ring. Many people will purchase this ring as their wedding ring with a diamond center stone. There are several center stone options in addition to the diamond, such as an aquamarine, sapphire, emerald, and more!

The Josephine Ring is a staple piece and should be worn as a standalone. When you wear the Josephine ring it’s extremely eye catching and noticeable. I have the Josephine earrings and I absolutely adore then, and can’t wait to add the Josephine ring to my jewelry collection. Pricing starts at $8,000 for the Josephine ring.

Jeux de Liens (X Ring)

Best Chaumet Rings
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The Jeux de Liens also known as the X ring is one of Chaumet’s best-selling rings. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The Jeux de Liens is known for being a simple ring with a diamond X in the middle. Hands down this is a staple Chaumet piece. The Jeux de Liens ring is perfect for someone who is looking for a trendy and a more edgy ring design. 

I have the Jeux de Liens ring in the small size and I wear it almost every day. I purchased this ring to wear on my middle finger and find it’s easy to wear and style with my other jewelry. After owning this ring for about 5 years now, I’ve had no issues with the diamonds and the 18-carat gold on the ring band has normal scratches from being worn. Pricing starts at $1,300 for this popular Chaumet Ring.

Where to buy Chaumet Rings?

Most popular Chaumet Rings
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The best place to purchase popular Chaumet rings and jewelry is directly from their store. They only have one storefront location in the US, but you can order directly from the Chaumet website. If you are keen to try on Chaumet jewelry then the best place to do so is in Paris. Rarely will I see Chaumet jewelry pop up on the vintage market, but it does happen from time to time. 

Final Thoughts on Popular Chaumet Rings

I have a several Chaumet pieces in my jewelry collection that I truly treasure. They are unique pieces that not many people own and exhibit Parisian chic. I’ve been extremely impressed with the Chaumet quality and craftsmanship. If you are heading to Paris to go shopping, or looking to add jewelry to your collection that not many people have then I highly recommend you consider Chaumet. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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