The Most Popular Hermes Bags

Hermes bags continue to be a pioneer when it comes to luxury. These bags are desired, lusted after, and strategized about how to purchase one constantly. If you are going to jump through hoops to get your hands on a Hermes bag then you might as well purchase the most popular bag. The most popular Hermes bags includes the Birkin, Kelly, Constance, Picotin, and the Evelyne bag.

Most popular Hermes bags
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Is the birkin bag still popular
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The Birkin is the most popular, desired, and difficult to purchase Hermes Bag. This was my first Hermes bag in my Hermes collection that I purchased several years ago in Paris and years later I still absolutely adore it. What makes the Hermes Birkin bag so popular is the surrounding allure, return on investment, timeless design, and how difficult it is to be offered a Birkin bag. The Hermes Birkin bag can be seen carried by celebrities, Hermes fanatics, and people who desire a quiet luxury bag. This tote shaped bag must be carried in the nook of your arms or using the top handles. Shop Vintage Hermes Birkin Bags.


Hermes kelly bag in blue popular hermes bags
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The Hermes Kelly bag started to gain popularity when the Hermes Kelly Mini bag was released in 2016. Prior to the Hermes Kelly bag being released, the Kelly bag was still popular but not at the level it is today. The reason that the Hermes Kelly bag is extremely popular is due to its timeless structured trapeze design, crossbody strap, and endless amounts of celebrities carrying this bag. One of the most difficult and desired bags to purchase right now in store is the Hermes Kelly bag mini. From what I was told the wait list for this bag could be years depending on the leather you want. Shop vintage Hermes Kelly bags. 


Hermes Constance bag popular
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The Hermes Constance is popular due to the fact it’s a classic Hermes shoulder bag, it can be worn as a cross-body bag, has a secure clasp and an adjustable strap. The traditional Hermes Constance bag has 2 main compartments inside. Hermes recently came out with the Hermes Constance re-edition (1-24) which only has one compartment inside which makes for a more slimming bag. The Hermes Constance was released in 1959 and years later it is still one of the most popular and best-selling Hermes bags. Shop vintage Hermes Constance bags


Popular Hermes bags picotin
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The Hermes Picotin has risen in popularity over the last couple of years. More and more people are wanting to get their hands on this relatively affordable Hermes bag. The Picotin is able to keep their price relatively affordable due to the fact the inside of the bag is not lined. I see so many people carrying around the Picotin in Paris and in NYC. This bag is not as difficult to purchase compared to the Hermes Kelly bag or Birkin bag. The Picotin can be purchased in stores and is something available to purchase on the Hermes website. The Picotin makes for a great first time Hermes bag.  Shop Hermes Picotin Bags

Evelyne bag

Is the Hermes Evelyne bag popular
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The Evelyne bag has been the most popular entry level Hermes bag for years. At its relatively affordable price point, this bag is ideal for someone who is starting their Hermes collection. I find that many people in the city love wearing this bag because of the secure crossbody strap, the lack of pressure you feel about ensuring the bag stays in top quality condition, and because it’s an easy bag to wear if you plan on doing tons of walking around the city. Personally, I find myself constantly wearing my Hermes Evelyne mini bag as my every day bag because it can easily fit all my essentials. Shop Hermes Evelyne bags

Where to buy Popular Hermes Bags?

Where to buy discounted Hermes bags online
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Buying a popular Hermes bag takes a bit of strategy and knowledge. For example if you are looking to buy a quota Hermes bag, you will have to purchase it in store and a non-quota Hermes bag, can be purchased online or in stores.  If you don’t want to play the “Hermes buying game” then I recommend that you purchase a vintage Hermes bag. There are several places online that do a great job authenticating vintage Hermes bags which include Rebag and Fashionphile

Final Thoughts on the most Popular Hermes bags?

I’m a huge fan of Hermes bags because of their high quality craftsmanship, the fact they are a quiet luxury brand, and they are unstated yet chic at the same time. If you are looking to add a Hermes bag to your collection, I definitely recommend you stick to the more popular Hermes bags. These bags are timeless and have been around for years. I’d love to hear in the comments, what is your favorite Hermes bag?

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