Push Present Etiquette in 2024

Over the last few years, push presents have grown in popularity and have become an expected gift for new Moms. Since it’s a relatively new concept, it’s important to understand the push present etiquette, how much to spend, if a push present is mandatory, if husbands also get push presents, and how to navigate these waters.

Push present etiquette

What is a push present? 

The easiest way to describe what a push present is that it is a heartfelt gift that is given to a new mother by her partner to celebrate the process of the birth of their child. Having a child is such an exciting, nerve-wrecking, and life-changing event that deserves to be celebrated. The most popular way to celebrate this life-changing event is with a small gift to the mother.   

Is a Push Present Mandatory 

No, a push present is not mandatory however, it’s a nice gesture to do for your significant other who just carried a baby for 9 months. It’s a great way to celebrate the arrival of your little bundle of joy. While, it’s not mandatory, I do recommend that you purchase a gift for your partner as a token of your appreciation for carrying and delivering a baby. 

When do you give the Push Present to the new Mom? 

A push present gift is presented to the new Mom after birth. Some people choose to give the gift to the Mom while she’s still in the hospital directly after delivery, while others wait to give it to the new Mom when they get home. I personally recommend that you wait to give it to the new Mom after you get home because at the hospital it’s chaotic and things tend to get lost or misplaced. 

Sentimental Push Present Ideas?

Push present diamond necklace
Diamond Necklace from Mrs. Push

One of the most popular push present ideas is a sentimental jewelry gift. I highly recommend purchasing a gift from Mrs. Push, who specializes in push presents. I stumbled upon this company when looking for my own push present gift. What I love about Mrs. Push is the story behind the brand. Melissa, the founder, is a Mom of 3 who created the brand because her husband was extremely overwhelmed with all the push present options and didn’t want to get a generic gift from a jewelry shop. This is exactly how my husband felt too! 

My husband ended up ordering me the diamond F charm on a gold chain for my push present, and I couldn’t be more excited. Mrs. Push has several incredible customizable meaningful jewelry push present gifts from rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more! A one-stop shop for sentimental jewelry push presents! To Save 15% off Mrs. Push website, enter my discount code: DIANE15

Update – now that my baby is getting older I truly value my gift from Mrs. Push, the chain is extra heavy duty. Even if my baby pulls on my necklace (which happens frequently) the chain never bends or has had any issues. 10/10 recommendate

If I have twins do I get 2 push presents?

Push Present if you have twins
Coletta Twins

Yes, if your spouse is having twins you should consider getting them 2 push presents, or a piece of jewelry that incorporates the twins. I’ve consulted with several moms who have had twins recently, and they informed me that if they received 2 separate push presents, they tended to be smaller gifts in terms of monetary value. 

How much should you spend on a push present? 

On average, most people spend between $350 – $1,000 on a push present. This is a once in a lifetime celebration that is bigger than a birthday or Christmas gift and is a splurge occasion. I understand there are several expenses associated with a baby such as health insurance expenses, nursery, baby shower, baby items, and more! Make sure you take that into consideration these expenses when budgeting and purchasing a push present. 

Do you get the new Dad a push present?

Do guys get push presents?

It’s becoming more and more common for a new Dad to receive a push present. A baby is a big change for everyone in the house. For me, I ended up purchasing a practical gift for my husband, which was the Therabody Eye Mask called SmartGoggles to help him relax after a long day.

If you are looking for a more sentimental gift, I recommend you purchase a personalized bracelet that can be customized with the baby's name.

Final Thoughts on Push Present etiquette

A push present is a great way to commemorate your newborn child and the 9 months you spent carrying them. I truly value my push present my husband Aaron surprised me with from Mrs. Push and will be wearing my new necklace daily! I’d love to hear, in the comments, what are your thoughts about a push present? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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