Why Cartier Won’t Authentic Your Love Bracelet

As of Summer 2023, Cartier made the announcement that they will no longer be authenticating their iconic Cartier Love bracelet. There are 3 main arguments circulating to why Cartier won’t authentic your love bracelet anymore. These arguments include: Cartier wants you to buy directly online or in store, Sales Cannibalization, and Cartier fakes are too good. 

Will Cartier Authentic your love bracelet
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Argument 1: Cartier wants you to buy Directly online or in Store

Why Cartier doesn't Authentic the Love Bracelet
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One of the biggest arguments I see for why Cartier won’t authentic your Love bracelet is because Cartier wants you to buy from the store or directly online. In a day and age where secondhand shops and vintage shops carry tons of Cartier pieces, they want to reclaim a portion of that business. When a customer buys from a vintage shop, Cartier receives no revenue from that purchase. Even though the Cartier love bracelet is expensive, the only way Cartier can continue to grow it’s business is by ensuring that you purchase a Cartier Love bracelet in the store or on the Cartier website

Argument 2: Sale Cannibalization

Does Cartier Authentic the Love Bracelet
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Another argument that needs to be considered is that Cartier is participating in a sales cannibalization of the Love bracelet. Sales Cannibalization occurs when a jewelry company introduces new collections that led to the decrease in sales of the existing items. Tiffany's and Co was notorious for doing this with the Return to Tiffany and Co collection once it became over saturated. 

By not authenticating the bracelet, secondary markets will be forced to sell these bracelets at a lower price point.  This will get new customers through the door and an opportunity to sell them on other Cartier collections, such as the Juste un Clous model. There are also several other less popular collections and cheaper Cartier bracelet options that are available for sale that you might consider by shopping in the store on directly on their website. 

Argument 3: Cartier Fakes are too good

Why Cartier Won't Authentic your Love Bracelet
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Another common theory on why Cartier won’t authentic the love bracelet anymore is due to the fact the fake Cartier bracelets have gotten too good. Now if you are looking to buy a Cartier dupe, it’s an exact replicable of the authentic Cartier love bracelet including, the same gold amount, the same weight, the perfect sizing, the same markings, same box, and even the same authenticity cards. With all these fakes circulating, that many would consider carbon copies of the original it begs the question, are Cartier Love bracelets still worth it or is a Cartier Love bracelet alternative a better option?

To counter this argument, Cartier is one of the most luxurious luxury jewelry companies in the world. In my opinion, they can easily figure out how to authenticate and distinguish between real and fake Cartier bracelets. My guess is there are other reasons why Cartier doesn’t want to authenticate it.  

Final Thoughts on theories why Cartier won’t authentic your Love bracelet

Authentic the Cartier Love bracelet
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The truth is nobody really knows why Cartier won’t authentic your Love bracelet, these are all speculations. Cartier hasn’t officially come out and announced why they won’t be authenticating them anymore. With that being said, I always tell people if you are worried about purchasing a fake Cartier bracelet from the secondhand shops, then you should directly buy from the Cartier store or online. Do you have any additional theories on why Cartier won’t authentic the timeless Love Bracelet? 

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  1. alexlena@gmail.com says:

    I really love your explanation , however , it is just too counter intuitive. Here is why: Lets say Cartier does want to depress resale market, right, but this will only make fakes and original resale cheaper. The product that is purchased to appreciate (possibly) with time, will actually immediately depreciate. The moment you leave the store , or loose the box. It is my guess therefore , that Cartier simply can no longer tell what is fake and what is not. Don’t get me wrong , someone from Cartier may always tell. No doubt about it. But not everyone who runs a store. This is a fight against fakes. As fakes depreciate in value, the quality of fakes will have to go down as well. That seems to be the only reason. IMO.

    1. Jane de C says:

      So what is the point and purpose of the serial numbers in the inside? If these are logged – anywhere- within Cartier surely they can be retrieved to prove the provenance of the item. Why on earth have them otherwise ?