Is the Hermes Birkin Bag Worth it? An Honest Review of the Hermes Birkin Bag 2023

As someone who has owned a Birkin bag for almost 5 years, I thought it would be a great time to give my honest review, wear and tear of the bag, and if the bag is worth the price. The Short answer is YES, The Hermes Birkin bag is worth the price if you are in the market for a luxury bag. It's the upper echelon of bags. The reason the Birkin is worth the price is because of its high quality craftsmanship, it retains its value, and it's the ultimate quiet luxury bag.

Black Hermes Birkin Togo Leather size 30 Review of the Hermes Birkin Bag
Diane carrying a black Special Order Hermes Birkin Togo Leather

Is the Birkin bag worth the high price tag?

Hermes Birkin Gold with Gold Hardware
Hermes Birkin Gold with Gold Hardware © Hermes.addict

There are 3 main reason why the Hermes Birkin bag is worth the price including the high quality craftsmanship, you will have an instant return on investment (ROI) when you purchase this bag, and it's the ultimate quiet luxury bag for those who don't want to be flashy.

Hermes's artisan have to spend years training before they are ever able to create a Hermes bag. Every Hermes Birkin bag is made by hand and takes 48 hours to create. The craftsmanship is impeccable and unmatched. The Hermes Birkin bags are then inspected by a specialist to ensure perfect. Once the bag passes the inspection they can be sold.

The Birkin bags hold a hefty price tag, starting at $10,400 for a Birkin size 25. Unlike a car, as soon as you walk out of the store you can actually sell your Birkin bag on the secondary market for a profit. On average, you can resell your Birkin size 25 bag for $25,000 giving it a 140% rate of return (ROI).

The final reason why the Hermes Birkin is worth the price is because of the quiet luxury nature of the bag. If you are looking to purchase a quiet luxury bag that doesn't flaunt logos, with only a select few knowing what bag you are carrying, then the Hermes Birkin is great for you. Shop Vintage Hermes Birkin bags

History of the Hermes Birkin bag 

Hermes Birkin Collection
Hermes Birkin Collection © Hermes.addict

The history of the Hermes Birkin bag is quite unique. The year is 1984 and CEO of Hermes at the time Jean-Louis Dumas boarded a plane traveling from Paris to London. He was seated next to Jane Birkin. While Jane Birkin was trying to load her belongings to the overhead compartment, she dropped her bag and all her contents spilled everywhere. After gathering her belongings from the ground, Jane Birkin casually started chatting with Dumas on how hard it is to find a high quality leather tote bag that holds all her stuff.

Before the flight landed Dumas sketched a bag a few designs with the help of Jane Birkin… Hence, the beginning of the Birkin bag. Shortly after, Hermes created the first Birkin bag: a black Birkin bag specifically for Jane Birkin. 

Black Hermes Birkin with Gold Hardware
Black Hermes Birkin with Gold Hardware © Thebirkinfairy

What is the price of the Hermes Birkin bag in 2022?

Hermes Birkin Sellier Vs Birkin Retourne
Hermes Birkin Retourne left Hermes Birkin Sellier Right © petite_h

Below is a table of the Hermes Birkin pricing for 2023. Every year the price of the Hermes Birkin Bag increases. This is why I always encourage people if they are looking to make the purchase they should do it as soon as possible because next year the price will go up.

The price breakdown of the Hermes Birkin Bag Retourne and the price of the Hermes Birkin Sellier for 2023. In short, the difference between a Retourne and a Sellier Birkin is the stitching. The stitching for the Birkin Sellier is on the outside, which gives the Birkin a more structured look. The Sellier stitching is relatively new for the Birkin but has been around for years with the Kelly Bag. Shop Vintage Hermes Birkin bags.

2023 PricingSellierRetourne
Birkin 25$10,800$10,400
Birkin 30$12,400$11,600
Birkin 35$13,000$13,500

Why do people seek the Hermes Birkin bag?

Hermes Birkin Bag with twilly
Hermes Birkin 25, Cartier Bracelet © Thebirkinfairy

The Hermes Birkin is lusted after, talked about and desired. The first one is that Hermes does an excellent job of creating supply and demand for the bag. Hermes constantly controls how many bags go into circulation and are very controlling on who is able to obtain and purchase a bag. The mystery behind who obtains one and who doesn’t is part of the allure. I've written several articles to give you tips and tricks on how to purchase a Hermes bag in store, how to purchase a Hermes bag online, and how to purchase a Birkin in Paris.

Another reason a Hermes Birkin bag is so sought after is because they are high quality products and withstand the test of time. Many people will carry these bags for an entire lifetime and then pass it on to the next generation. The final reason that I believe the Birkin bag is so sought after is because it’s a status symbol. Shop vintage Hermes Birkin bags.

Hermes Birkin himalayan bag
Hermes Birkin himalayan bag size 25 © Hermes_community

Should you buy the Hermes Birkin Accessories or a bag insert? 

Pink Hermes Birkin with Twilly and Charm
Hermes Birkin 25 with a dog charm © Hermes_community

There are several official Hermes Birkin accessories and bag inserts and then some unofficial Birkin accessories. The most popular Hermes Birkin accessories include: the Hermes charms, but more specifically the Hermes Rodeo Charm which is extremely popular, bag inserts / bag pillows (which you can find great ones on Etsy) and finally the Hermes Birkin Twilly to protect the top handles. 

It's important to keep in mind, when storing the bag to store the Birkin bag in the box to protect the outside of the bag. Also, if you have the space keep the Birkin in the box standing up, not laying down. Personally, I don't have any accessories for my Hermes Birkin, but my Sales Associate highly recommends adding the Twilly's to the top handles if you have a lighter color Birkin. I'm also looking to add the bag insert to help the Birkin keep its shape. Shop Hermes Accessories.

Why do people buy the Birkin bag second hand? 

Many Hermes Bags and Boxes
Hermes Boxes © TravelFashionGirl

It is incredibly hard to get your hands on a Birkin bag. With only 200,000 in circulation it’s no wonder people turn to vintage shops to buy one of these coveted bags. The short answer is, because you can purchase the exact bag you want without having to deal with the “Hermes Game” of building a relationship and purchasing items you don't need.

In addition, even if you walk into a Hermes store, there is absolutely no guarantee (unless you’re a celebrity) that you will be able to get your hands on one. It can be frustrating going to a Hermes store and being told over and over again no. This is why people turn to second hand shops or resellers to buy a Birkin bag. 

If you are buying from a second hand shop, it’s very important that they are reputable. Make sure you do research to ensure they have a Hermes expert on hand to authenticate your Birkin bag purchase. My favorite places to purchase vintage Hermes bags include Fashionphile and Rebag.

Recap on Honest Review of the Hermès Birkin Bag? 

The Hermes Birkin bag is my favorite and most coveted bag in my handbag collection. If you are thinking about purchasing one, I hope this article provided you some insight on what to expect. I can't wait to continue to use and wear my Hermes bag.

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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