Cheapest Dior Bags in 2023

Dior is one of the most luxurious and desired brands on the market. Apart from their iconic bags, Dior offers affordable purse options. The Cheapest Dior bags include the CD Lounge Bag, Medium Dior Book Tote (Map of Paris Edition), DiorClub bag, Small C’est Dior Bag, and the DiorTravel Backpack. The most affordable Dior bag being the CD Lounge bag priced at $2,800. 

Affordable Dior purses
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CD Lounge Bag – $2,800

What is the cheapest Dior Bag
Cheapest Dior Bag: CD Lounge Bag

The cheapest bag Dior bag available for sale is the CD Lounge Bag. This hobo crested shaped Dior bag was released in 2023 and has been growing in popularity ever since. The CD Lounge Bag features the iconic Dior oblique pattern, and a half chain half leather strap. This bag can easily hold all your essentials such as a phone, wallet, and makeup. I tried this bag on the other day when I was in Dior and fell in love with the simplicity and the $2,800 price! The CD Lounge bag is perfect if you are looking for an evening out bag, a bag that can elevate your outfit, and a bag that is easy to style and wear.

Medium Dior Book Tote (Map of Paris edition) – $3,200

Cheap Dior Bags

It is rare to find a Dior Book Tote bag on the list of the cheapest Dior bags, but the limited edition map of Paris bag is priced at $3,200, which makes it one of the more affordable Dior bags. The Paris Dior Book Tote bag comes is available in 3 different colors, the white and Black, the beige and black, and the black and white.

Personally, I adore the Paris Dior book tote bag in the white and black combination. It gives off a very clean and crisp vibe. If you are a Paris lover, or looking for a unique Parisian souvenir while visiting the city then I highly recommend the Medium Dior Book Tote bag featuring the map of Paris! 

Dior Club Bag – $3,200

Cheap Dior Bags under $5,000 Dior Club Bag Color Options
Dior Club Bag Color Options

One of the cheapest Dior bags available for sale is the Dior Club Bag. The Dior Club bag was launched in 2023 and was marketed as a versatile bag that can easily be transition from day to night. This bag has two different straps, a chain strap and a leather strap which are both removable so it can be worn as a clutch as well. What I love about the Dior Club bag is that it comes in the iconic Cannage stitching, and rich gold hardware.

Personally, I love this bag in both black and cream. I found the Dior Club bag extremely spacious for a small bag, and can hold your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and even a small makeup bag. The Dior Club bag is perfect for you if you are looking for an affordable Dior bag priced at $3,200, that is versatile, can be used for both day and night, and hold all your essentials. 

Small C’est Dior Bag – $3,200

Affordable Dior Bags

The cheapest bucket bag that Dior carries is the small C’est Dior bag priced at $3,200. The C’est Dior bag is a new model for Dior. For the spring, summer, and fall the new Dior C’est Natural Cannage Raffia and Golden color is perfect. If you are looking for more of a classic look, then I highly recommend that you purchase the C’est Dior bag in the timeless black color. The C’est Dior features the iconic C and D gold hardware, a top handle, and a crossbody strap.

What I adore about the C’est Dior bag is how easy it is to wear, it’s a chic bucket bag, and the gold hardware detailing. As someone who wears tons of gold jewelry this is a huge plus for me.    

DiorTravel Backpack – $3,250

Affordable Dior Travel Backpack

If you are looking for the ultimate travel backpack then the DiorTravel Backpack is perfect for you. Priced at $3,250, the Dior Travel Backpack is the perfect combination between an everyday backpack and a travel bag. What I adore about this luxury backpack bag, is how Dior has taken the simple backpack design and applied the iconic Blue Dior Oblique Jacquard pattern to the design. As someone who is petite I do find this backpack is a bit oversized, but as I mentioned if I were to purchase this bag I would use it for travel purposes.  

Why I love Affordable Dior Bags

Cheapest Dior Bags

I love purchasing affordable Dior bags is because they are simple yet luxurious designs that are typically new to the market. Due to the fact these bags are new to the market, Dior hasn’t figured out exactly where to price these bags and they often sell these pieces at a more affordable price. Overtime, I’ve noticed that these cheaper Dior bags tend to raise their prices and become more comparable to other Dior bags they carry, which is why I always try to purchase them immediately. Shop Vintage Dior Bags

Final Thoughts on the cheapest Dior bags 

I love how Dior continues to release more affordable Dior bags. I had no idea there were so many Dior different styles for sale for under $3,500. The more timeless popular Dior bags such as the Lady Dior and the Dior saddlebag are going to be more expensive, but if you are open to newer models you’ll be able to find some incredible deals on the Dior website. 

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