10 Facts About the Hermes Herbag

The Hermes Herbag is one of the most popular affordable Hermes bags on the market today and often sells out in store and online quickly. As someone who is always looking to add more Hermes bags to my handbag collection, I love doing an ample amount of research on a bag before purchasing a bag. Today, I’m sharing with you 10 Facts about the Hermes Herbag that you probably don’t know! 

Black Hermes Herbag
Black Hermes Herbag © roomchick_baku

1. Hermes sells the Hermes Herbag online

Hermes Herbag Bags available onine

Hermes sells a select few bags on their website and the Hermes Herbag is one of them! Personally, I love how I can jump online to the Hermes website and be able to see the Herbag colors, patterns, sizes, and pricing! Hermes is notorious for having such a mystery surrounding their bags and pricing. When you purchase a Hermes Herbag directly through the website, it will require a bit of strategy as these bags will sell out within 5 minutes of being listed. I’ve outlined the best tips and tricks for purchasing a Hermes Herbag on the Hermes Website!    

2. The Hermes Herbag is not considered a quota

Hermes Herbag comes in different patterns
© asksara_

When you purchase a Hermes bag at the Hermes sale it’s either a quota bag or not a quota bag. Hermes limits the amount of quota bags you can purchase in a year. The Hermes Herbag is NOT considered a quota bag meaning you can buy as many Herbags as you’d like in a given year and it doesn’t impact you purchasing a quota bag. The 3 Hermes quota bags include The Birkin, The Kelly, and the Constance bag.

3. Often compared to the Hermes Kelly Bag because of the shape

Herbag being compared to a Hermes Kelly Bag

Many people compare the Hermes Herbag to the Hermes Kelly bag because of the trapeze shape. The Hermes Herbag is much more affordable than a Kelly bag due to the fact that it is a combination of canvas and leather material. If you are wanting the look, shape, and feel of a Hermes Kelly bag without the price then the Hermes Herbag is a great alternative for you.  

4. Hermes Discontinued the Herbag in 2000 and then reintroduced the bag as the Herbag Zip in 2009

All Black Hermes Herbag
© its.me.romy

In 2000, Hermes decided to discontinue the Herbag after being in circulation for 20 years. Demand for the Hermes continued even though the bag was discontinued. In 2009, Hermes decided it was time to reintroduce the Hermes Herbag as the Herbag Zip. Today, the Hermes Herbag continues to be a popular affordable Hermes Bag that sells out quickly in stores and online. 

5. The Hermes Herbag is fairly easy to purchase at the Hermes Store

Hermes Herbag can be purchased easily in store
© trinig

Since the Hermes Herbag isn’t considered a quota bag, it is considered a fairly easy bag to purchase in store. There is no strategy, spending quota, or building a relationship with a SA to get offered a Hermes Herbag. You can simply walk into the Hermes store and ask to purchase a Hermes Herbag. I’ve heard many success stories of people being able to purchase a Hermes Herbag on their first attempt in Paris, NYC, LA and other big popular cities. 

6. Starting price is $2,575 making it an affordable Hermes Bag

Facts about the Hermes Herbag
© amore_tokyo

The Hermes Herbag starting price is $2,575 and the most expensive Hermes Herbag is $3,950. The bigger the Hermes Herbag is the more expensive it is. The Hermes Herbag is definitely one of the most affordable bags Hermes Sells given the bag is priced under $4,000!   

Herbag Zip 31cm$2,575
Herbag Zip 39cm$2,800
Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag$3,725
Herbag Zip Retourne Weekend Bag$3,950

7. Available in 4 different sizes

The Hermes Herbag is available in 4 different sizes including the Herbag Zip 31cm, Herbag Zip 39cm, Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine bag, and the Herbag Zip Retourne weekend bag: 

Herbag Zip 31cm – 12.2 L X 9.8 H X 3.9 W
Herbag Zip 39cm – 15.3 L X 12.6 H X 5.5 W
Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag – 19.7 L X 13.4 H X 8.9 W
Herbag Zip Retourne Weekend Bag – 19.7 L X 16.9 H X 9.1 W

If you are looking for an everyday Hermes Herbag, then I definitely recommend purchasing the Herbag Zip in the size 31cm or 39cm. If you are looking for an oversized big bag that’s great to carry ample amounts of items then I definitely recommend the Hermes Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag or Weekend Bag. 

8. The Original Hermes Herbag was launched in the 1980s

Vintage Hermes Herbag
Vintage Hermes Herbag © lux_addicted

The original Hermes Bag was launched in the 1980s and remained in circulation until 2000. During those 20 years the Hermes Herbag had a slightly different design than what you see today. With vintage Hermes Herbag models you have the option to remove the leather top of the bag and exchange the base for an alternative design. Some vintage models even include 2 interchangeable bodies that can be used for styling. 

9. The Hermes Herbag comes in limited edition patterns

Hermes Herbag with patterns and designs
© valerie.kei

Over the years, Hermes has released limited edition patterned Herbags that are extremely desirable. These patterned Herbags are typically priced slightly higher than the original Herbags and are a bit more different to get in store. I love the patterned Hermes Herbags because they are considered limited edition and more rare than the traditional design.

10. Retains its value on average 85% 

Depending on the color, size, and condition, a Hermes Herbag can be expected to retain, on average, 85% of its value should you ever decide to sell the bag. For example, the price of a Hermes Herbag Zip 31cm retails for $2,575 and I’ve seen them sell on the vintage market anywhere from $1,400 to $4,400. If you are looking to purchase an authentic vintage Hermes Herbag then I definitely recommend shopping at Fashionphile or Rebag

Final Thoughts on the Hermes Herbag

Facts about the Hermes Herbag

Well there you have it, 10 facts about the Hermes Herbag. The Hermes Herbag is a great Hermes bag, it features high quality craftsmanship, the best leather and canvas quality on the market, and is priced at a fair rate! I love how easy this bag is to style and how spacious it is inside. I would love to hear in the comments, have you been offered a Hermes Herbag before, and do you like the style?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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