Where to see the Cherry Blossoms in Paris

The cherry blossoms in Paris are truly magical. By far, one of my favorite things to do is stroll around the city and take in all the cherry blossom beauty. The best places to see the Cherry blossoms in Paris include the Trocerdo Garden, Jardine Des Plantes, Parc de Sceaux, Shakespeare and Co, Notre-Dame de Paris – Square Jean-XXIII, Mail de bievre, Jardin des Tuileries, Square Gabriel Pierne, Parc de Bagatelle, Falguiere metro. 

Where to see the cherry blossoms in paris
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Trocadero Garden / Champs de Mars

Cherry blossom trees at the Eiffel Tower
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My favorite place to see the cherry blossoms in Paris is at the Trocadero Garden and Champs de Mars. Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms and the beautiful Eiffel Tower? What is great about the cherry blossoms around the Trocadero garden is that the trees are in bloom at different times throughout the Spring. One of my favorite things to do in Paris, is when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, is to pack a picnic, sit under the cherry blossom trees, and enjoy time with friends outside with a glass of wine. 

Jardin Des Plantes

Cherry blossom trees in Paris Jardin Des Plantes
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Jardin Des Plantes is a beautiful place to get photos of the cherry blossoms in Paris. There is a gorgeous cherry blossom tree in front of the Grande galerie de l'Évolution that makes for iconic photos. This garden is filled with a few giant cherry blossom trees in one area, tons of beautiful flowers, and a great place to walk around. This is one of those places you can easily spend the entire day at. Thousands of people visit the Jardin des Plantes each week and it's an absolutely incredible experience. 

Shakespeare and Co

Cherry blossoms in Paris Shakespeare and Co
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Every year in front of the famous Shakespeare and Co store cherry blossoms bloom. Shakespeare and Co is an English bookshop, known for its incredible selection of books, stunning interior and relaxed ambiance. While you are checking out the cherry blossoms definitely take a peek inside the famous Shakespeare and co book store. Every year, I have a tradition where I go to Shakespeare and Co purchase a new book and read it under the cherry blooms. 

Mail de bièvre

Mail de bièvre Paris Cherry Blossoms
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Mail de Bievre is such a beautiful place to see the Cherry blossoms in Paris. You’ve probably seen tons of iconic photos on Instagram of this location, it features cherry blossom trees on both sides creating a cherry blossom arch walkway. If you are looking for a romantic spot to take a stroll, or to capture beautiful photos then I highly recommend checking out the Mail de Bievre for their cherry blossom trees. 

Notre-Dame de Paris, Square Jean-XXIII

Cherry blossoms in Paris at Square Jean-XXIII
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Right in front of the Notre Dame is Square Jean XXIII is home to one of the most breathtaking areas of cherry blossom trees. What I love about this spot is that you get to enjoy the cherry blossom trees and the Notre Dame all at the same time. Despite the fire tragedy that hit the Notre Dame back in 2019, you will still be able to enjoy both the cherry blossoms and the beauty of the Notre Dame. The cherry blossoms in front of Shakespeare and Co is extremely close to the Square Jean XXII which makes it easy to see both locations in one day.

Tuileries Gardens / Jardin des Tuileries

Cherry blossoms in Tulieries garden in paris
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Right in front of the Louvre at the famous Tuileries garden is home to several cherry blossom trees that are in bloom during the springtime in Paris! In addition to it being home to cherry blossom trees, it is one of the best gardens worth visiting in Paris

I love going here yearly to admire the beautiful garden and take enjoy the breathtaking cherry blossom trees. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a walkable garden, that has several cherry blossom trees scattered throughout, and a big open space. 

Square Gabriel Pierne

Square Gabriel Pierne cherry blossoms in paris
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One of the most relaxing spots and often overlooked spots to enjoy the cherry blossom trees is Square Gabriel Pierne. What makes this one of my favorite spots is the chairs and park benches that allow you to easily sit down and spend time enjoying these gorgeous trees. I find this area so calm and peaceful that I could spend hours here losing track of time. If you want to enjoy a nice relaxing day outside reading a book under a cherry blossom tree then head to Square Gabriel Pierne. 

Falguiere metro 

Falguiere metro cherry blossoms in Paris
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Right outside the Falguiere metro is full of cherry blossoms. It seems like an unusual spot for cherry blossoms to be blooming in Paris, but it’s one of the most beautiful areas with the iconic metro signs, Parisian buildings, and gorgeous cobblestone. This is easily one of the most unknown places in Paris to see Cherry blossoms but should definitely be on your list if you are doing a cherry blossom tour in Paris. I highly recommend getting to this location early as it tends to get busy with people moving around to go to work and living their daily life.  

Parc de Bagatelle

If you are open to traveling then an incredible location that is slightly outside of Paris that has beautiful cherry blossom trees is Parc de Bagatelle. If you are looking for a place that you could spend all day at and get lost in the park then the Parc de Bagatelle is the perfect place to go cherry blossom searching. What I love about this location is that when you go it the park is so big you will easily find cherry blossom trees in a secluded area with nobody around. 

Parc de Sceaux

Parc de Sceaux cherry blossoms in paris
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Parc De Sceaux is slightly outside of Paris but is home to several cherry blossom trees. If you plan of visiting Parc de Sceaux it would make sense to spend the entire day there given it takes about an hour to travel there. Entrance to the park is free, and you can spend the day enjoying the cherry blossoms, having a picnic and walking around this giant park. If you have time make sure you check out the famous Château du Domaine de Sceaux that is located in the park. 

When do the Cherry blossoms bloom in Paris?

Best places to see the Cherry blossoms in Paris
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The Cherry blossoms bloom during the springtime in Paris. The most optimal time to see the Cherry blossoms in Paris is the beginning of April to the end of May. If you are going to a popular destination to see the cherry blossoms in Paris, it’s definitely important that you arrive early if you are trying to get photos since it tends to become very crowded as the day goes on.  

Final thoughts on the cherry blossoms in Paris

The best part of Paris, it is home to so many cherry blossom trees that scattered throughout the city. While you are visiting Paris during the cherry blossom season you should take advantage of everything the city of lights has to offer. Make sure you indulge in the best macarons, hot chocolate, have a picnic at Champs de Mars, and walk around the gorgeous city of lights. Have you ever thought about traveling to Paris during cherry blossom season? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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