Crossbody Bags To Wear in Paris

When you are traveling to Paris I highly recommend that you pack and wear a crossbody bag. By wearing a crossbody bag in Paris it will detour pickpocketing and theft plus you’ll look stylish at the same time. The best crossbody bags to wear in Paris include the Longchamp Crossbody, YSL LouLou crossbody, DeMellier Vancouver crossbody, the celine triomphe bag, and the Marc Jacob Snapshot bag.

Which bag to pack for Paris
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Longchamp Crossbody bag

Secure bags to wear in Paris
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The Longchamp crossbody bag is a great bag to wear in Paris. Longchamp bags have been popular for years and I recently added the Longchamp crossbody bag to crossbody collection. This is my favorite bag to wear while traveling. It’s stylish, is considered an elevated basic due to its design, and it is extremely lightweight.

I highly recommend the Longchamp crossbody bag if you are looking for a lightweight bag that is easy to carry around Paris, can be worn as a top handle bag or crossbody, and comes in easy nylon material to clean. Priced at $225 this is a great travel bag that is easy to pack and store. Shop Longchamp crossbody bags

YSL LouLou Crossbody bag

YSL bag in Paris
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One of the most popular crossbody bags I see people wear in Paris is the YSL LouLou bag. The reason it is so popular for both Parisians and tourist is due to its chic design, easiness to style, and high quality leather. If you don’t own a YSL bag and want to buy one, I highly recommend that you purchase one in Paris because it will be cheaper to buy it there than in the US. You’ll be able to blend right in with the Parisians with your YSL LouLou crossbody bag! I’ve owned this bag for several years now and it’s held up extremely well over time! Shop YSL LouLou bag

DeMellier The Vancouver

Best Crossbody bags to wear in Paris
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The DeMellier The Vancouver is a chic crossbody bag with gold hardware and a sturdy adjustable thick. What I love about the DeMellier bags is their affordable price point, high quality craftsmanship and chic designs. The Vancouver cross-body bag can fit all your essentials such as full size wallet, phone, keys, and sunglasses. Feel secure and looking chic wearing this bag around the city of Paris.

The DeMellier Vancouver is the perfect bag you can wear all day and transition easily to the evening wear. It’s the only bag you would need to pack for Paris. Shop DeMellier The Vancouver.

Celine Triomphe

Celine Triomphe bag in paris
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The Celine Triomphe bag is a great crossbody bag to wear in Paris! This timeless design comes with an adjustable sturdy strap that you can wear securely around Paris. What I love about the Celine Triomphe bag is it is a classic Celine bag that you can wear year round.  This bag is super easy to transition from a daytime bag to an evening bag. The rich gold hardware elevates any outfit you may have on. If you are looking to splurge and get the ultimate Parisian chic bag then the Celine Triomphe bag is perfect for you. Shop Celine Triomphe Bag

Marc Jacob Snapshot bag

Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag to wear in Paris
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The Marc Jacobs Snapshot bag is a great option for a cross-body bag to wear in Paris. If you are looking for a bag that is small, and can only carry your essentials then the Marc Jacobs snapshot is perfect for you.

Feel secure with the ultra thick cross-body strap. What I love about the Marc Jacobs snapshot bag is how efficient it is. It features one main compartment that can handle only the essentials you need to take out for a day in Paris. The oversized gold hardware makes it easy to go from daytime wear to a night out. I’ve had this bag for a few years now and I love wearing when I’m traveling. Shop Marc Jacobs snapshot bag.

Final Thoughts on Crossbody bags to wear in Paris

Overall, when you are visiting a new city it’s important to feel secure and confident in what you are wearing. Expect to spend hours walking around the city of lights, watching the Eiffel Tower twinkle at night, and spending hours at tourist locations. With that being said, you want a bag you can wear confidently and not have to worry if you’ll be a target for a thief. I'd love to hear in the comments do you have a favorite crossbody bag to wear while traveling?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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