What Type of Bag to Wear in Paris

When visiting Paris, one of the most important things you feel is safe. I get asked by readers who are visiting Europe and Paris all the time: What Type of Bag to Wear in Paris, while discovering the city, if it’s okay to wear a luxury bag around the city, and what essentials should I carry in my bag? The Short answer is, the most secure best purse to wear in Paris while exploring the city is a cross-body bag with a thick strap.

Best type of bag to wear in Paris
Diane wearing a Crossbody bag in Paris © PetiteinParis

Best Type of Bag to Wear in Paris

Which type of bag to Carry in Paris
Type of Bag to Wear in Paris · Louis Vuitton © olivialaura_

My guess is that you will be exploring the tourist areas, walking around in unfamiliar areas, and taking the metro while in Paris. With that being said, the best bag to wear in Paris is a cross-body bag that has a zipper closure. Wearing this type of bag will limit your changes of being a target to thieves. If you own a cross-body bag with a thick strap, that’s even better. Crossbody bags are hands down the best bag to carry around Paris, plus, they are also typically on the light side, so it’s not heavy to carry if you are walking around for hours. 

I would avoid wearing any bag that has a large opening such as a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, these bags make it easy for someone to reach their hands into your bag when you’re not paying attention especially in a crowded area. 

Can I carry a Luxury Bag around Paris?

What handbag to pack for Paris
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The answer is simple, Yes, you can wear a luxury bag around Paris and it's completely safe! After all, Paris is one of the shopping capitals of the world! If you are concerned about wearing a luxury bag in Paris choose a bag that has a zipper closure and avoid taking the metro especially late at night. The most common luxury bags I see people wearing around Paris are Louis Vuitton Bags, Celine Bags, Dior Bags, and YSL Bags.

What should I pack in My Bag for a Day out in Paris?

Safest bags to carry in Paris
Gucci Crossbody Bag © miluxure

There are 3 main things to pack in your purse when you are exploring Paris, which include a Portal Charger, a few Euros in case the location you are going to doesn't take a credit card, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to pack your wallet, hotel / Airbnb key, and a passport if you are utilizing the VAT Tax refund!

The reason you'll need a portable charger in Paris is because you will most likely be taking endless amounts of photos, using your phone for navigation, and looking up places to go. All these phone activities drain your battery, and it’s important that you have a portable charger with you. At the minimum pack a wall charger then you can pop into a Starbucks or McDonald's and charge your phone. 

The second thing that should always be in your bag if you visit Paris is a few Euros. Pre-Covid, many cafés and restaurants were notorious for only accepting cash. Today, more and more places accept credit cards, but it's always better to be safe and carry around 20-50 in your purse.

The third thing I would recommend packing in your bag is sunglasses. Paris weather can change so quickly, one second it’s cloudy out the next it’s super sunny. It’s important to always have your sunglasses with you!

What If I buy a Luxury Bag in Paris, will it be safe?

luxury shopping bags in Paris
Luxury Shopping Bags in Paris © securethebaggagee

If you buy a luxury bag in Paris, it will be safe, I highly recommend taking an Uber back to the hotel / apartment or walking if you are close enough. You don't want to be on the metro or walking a long distance with luxury shopping bags, which will make you a target for thieves.

Once you get back to the hotel, I highly recommend that you take your luxury bag out of the shopping bag and store it in your suitcase with a Lock. My suitcase doesn’t have a built-in lock but I use the TSA approved ones. With luxury purchases, you can never be too careful.

Paris is a great place to shop, they are so many luxury brands and many of these brands are actually cheaper in Paris than the US, and on top of that you get the VAT TAX refund back

Recap on What type of bag to wear in Paris

Celine Crossbody Logo Bag
Celine Crossbody Logo bag © eliggarcia

Wearing a crossbody bag with a zipper closure to walk around Paris will ensure you feel safe and secure walking around a new city. Don't forget to grab a good pair of sneakers so you'll be able to explore for hours on end. I'd love to hear in the comments do you have a favorite type of bag to carry in Paris?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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