How to be Offered an Exotic Hermes Bag?

Being offered an Exotic Hermes Bag is the cream de la crème when it comes to Hermes bags. This is the ultimate prize for many Hermes collectors and extremely hard to get. It’s not impossible to be offered an exotic Hermes bag if you aren’t an elite or celebrity but it is difficult. In order to be offered an Exotic Hermes bag, you should build a relationship with your Sales Associate, purchase other high value items from Hermes, purchase exotic accessories and non-quota bags, show brand loyalty, and ask for an exotic bag.

How to be offered an Exotic Hermes Bag

Build a Relationship with your Sales Associate

Inside the Hermes store in Paris
Inside the Hermes Store in Paris © mimigauriat

Whenever you are looking to purchase a high value time from Hermes such as an exotic bag then it's imperative that you build a relationship with one Hermes Sales Associate (SA). You build a relationship with a SA the same way you would build a relationship with anyone. Get to know them, ask them questions, tell them what you want from Hermes, your dream bag from Hermes, text them on their birthday, holidays, etc. 

Regardless if you are buying an exotic bag, it’s important to build a relationship with your SA to be offered to buy any type of Hermes bag

Purchase other high value items from Hermes

Hermes Tea set
© msrach_

If you are planning on purchasing an exotic Hermes bag, expect to purchase other high value items from Hermes. Many people who have been offered an exotic have an extensive purchase history of fine jewelry, home decor, accessories and clothing from Hermes. Expect to spend thousands of dollars every month before being offered an exotic Hermes bag. 

Purchase Hermes Exotic Accessories or Non-Quota Exotic bags

Buying Hermes exotic accessories
© m.t.l1968

If you are interested in an Exotic Hermes quota bag, your sales associate will probably offer you exotic accessories such as wallets, jewelry, and non quota bags. If you are serious about wanting to purchase an exotic Hermes quota bag then you must take the bait and purchase these accessories. The good news is Hermes makes extremely high quality exotic goods. Recently, I even saw an Exotic Hermes Picotin on the Hermes website the other day, so consider purchasing non quota Hermes bags online as well as in store as it all goes to your purchase history. 

Show brand loyalty

How to buy a Hermes Exotic bag
© mrs_bcworld

Hermes Sales Associates are notorious for favoring people who show Hermes brand loyalty. The way you show brand loyalty is by wearing Hermes items you’ve previous purchased while shopping in the store, constantly talking about Hermes, staying up to date on Hermes new collections and leather colors. These are the things that will impress your Sales Associate.

Ask for a Hermes Exotic Bag

Exotic Hermes Kelly bag
© gloss_vintage

One of the easiest things you can do to be offered an exotic Hermes bag is simply asking for one. If you never ask for a Hermes Exotic Bag you’ll never get offered one. Don’t be afraid of them telling you no, or they don’t have any in stock. In fact this will probably happen a few times, but consistency is key and I highly recommend that you constantly remind and bring up to your SA that you want an exotic Hermes bag. 

Price of the Exotic Hermes Bags

Hermes Most expensive bag ever sold
Hermes Most expensive bag ever sold

The price of an Exotic Hermes bag ranges from $16,000 to over $100,000 depending on which exotic leather you purchase. For example, the Kelly 25 Retourne Matte Gator is priced at  $42,000, and the Birkin 25 in Ostrich is priced in Europe at 17,800 Euros. If you are only looking for a touch Birkin or Kelly which means only a small portion of the bag features exotic leather than these are going to be cheaper. The most expensive Exotic Hermes ever sold was the Hermes Kelly Rose gold which costs $2 Million and features 1,160 diamonds and crocodile leather!

Buy a vintage Hermes Exotic Bag

Hermes Bright Pink Crocodile bag

Alternatively, you can buy a vintage Hermes Exotic bag and get exactly what you want. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your efforts at the Hermes store and feel you won’t get offered an exotic bag, then turn to the vintage market. My favorite places online to purchase authentic vintage exotic Hermes bags include Fashionphile, Rebag, and WGACA

Final Thoughts on Hermes Exotic Bags

As many luxury brands move away from exotic bags you have to wonder will Hermes follow suit? If you believe that Hermes to one day will ban exotic bags, these bags will become a rarity and even harder to get your hands on. With that being said, if you have the budget for an exotic bag and want one then I recommend trying to purchase one directly from the store or a vintage Hermes bag. I’d love to hear in the comments what are your thoughts on an exotic Hermes bag?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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