Stylish yet practical luxury handbags for Moms

As a new Mom, I was on the hunt for the best luxury Mom bag to add to my handbag collection. After doing tons of research, I figured I would share the best ones I found. The most important thing to consider if you are buying a luxury handbag as a Mom is that it has a shoulder or crossbody strap. You’ll be carrying endless amounts of items, so important that you have that extra hand free. The best stylish luxury handbags for Moms include the Hermes Kelly, Classic Chanel bag, Prada Re-Edition bag, Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and Goyard St Louis.

Luxury handbags for Moms
Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a great bag for Moms

Hermes Kelly

Luxury handbag for Mom
Exotic Hermes Kelly bag ©

The Hermes Kelly bag is a great luxury Mom bag if you have no budget. The Kelly bag is a trapeze shaped bag with a crossbody strap. If you are considering the Hermes Kelly for a Mom bag, I recommend getting the size 25 or bigger, that way it can hold multiple items. The Hermes Kelly mini is super adorable, but not ideal as a Mom bag. If price in not an issue, then the Hermes Kelly bag is a great option for you.  

Perfect for the Mom with an unlimited budget
Price: $8,500
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Classic Chanel

Classic Chanel bags for Moms
Luxury Chanel Bag for Mom © leyla.ljevo

If you are looking for a timeless Mom handbag that you can wear for years to come, then I highly recommend the Classic Chanel bag. The classic Chanel is a simple black, timeless bag known for its interlocking Chanel Cs. When I think of a Mom carrying the classic Chanel bag, I think sophistication, class, and stylish. This bag is extremely versatile and can go with a dressed up outfit or a casual outfit that you wear to pick up the kids from daycare. 

Perfect for the Mom who wants to achieve a classy look
Price: $10,200
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Prada Re-Edition

Luxury bags for Mom - Prada bag
Luxury bags for Mom – Prada bag © nicoleballardini

The main reason the Prada Re-Edition bag is a great luxury Mom bag is how easy it is to clean. Baby’s and kids are notorious for spitting up, and being messy, and the nylon material is extremely easy to clean. I’ve written an entire article about how easy the Prada bag is to clean. In addition to it being easy to clean, this bag is a simple black bag that is easy to style and wear and makes for the perfect day or night bag! 

Perfect for the Mom who needs an easy to clean bag
Price: $1,200
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Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Luxury handbags for Moms
Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a great bag for Moms

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the perfect Mom bag if you need to carry endless items for your child. If you are looking for a luxury diaper bag, then the Neverfull can be easily transitioned into one with the right LV newborn insert. Being a new Mom, I find the LV Neverfull is such an easy bag to use, you can throw everything you need in it and go. Plus, this bag easily fits on your shoulder. I’ve owned my LV Neverfull for more than 10 years now and find it’s such a versatile bag that can be used for many occasions. I’d definitely concern the LV Neverfull for a new time Mom. 

Perfect for the Mom who Carries tons of items
Price: 2,030
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Goyard St Louis tote

What type of luxury bag to buy Mom
Goyard tote bag is a great Mom bag © nicoleballardini

The Goyard St Louis Tote bag is the perfect Mom bag for someone who is looking for a large tote bag that is a quiet luxury bag, can easily be cleaned, and carry tones of items, then this tote bag is perfect for you. This tote is often compared to the Neverfull due to its shape and size. The main difference between the Goyard St Louis tote bag and the Neverfull bag is that the Goyard tote is a quiet luxury bag and is not as known to the everyday person, while the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag uses its iconic logo design that’s instantly recognizable. 

Perfect for the Mom who wants a quiet luxury tote bag
Price: $1,800
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Final Thoughts on Luxury Handbags for Moms

Overall, now that I’ve become a Mom, what I need in a handbag is different from before. I do still love my Birkin bag and Lady Dior top handle bag, but I find myself carrying these bags less and gravitating more towards my “Mom Approved” bags that can carry more and be hands-free. Hope this guide helped you determine which bags are the best luxury handbags for Moms. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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