Phoebe Philo Bags First Impression

6 Years after leaving Celine, Phoebe Philo branched out on her own to launch her own collection on October 29th. With every bag Phoebe Philo released being sold out, you may be wondering what is the hype all about? Phoebe Philo is known for her time spent at Celine reinventing the brand and making them the iconic Parisian brand you see today.

Phoebe Philo Bags
© Phoebe Philo bags

Overall First Impression of the Bag Collection

Phoebe Philo Bags

Overall, I really like the Phoebe Philo handbag collection, the simple classic designs will make these bags easy to wear and style. Phoebe Philo’s collection is the epitome of a quiet luxury due to the fact they are timeless designs, don’t have logos or branding, and are chic. I was a little disappointed that there were only 3 bags released in this first launch. I’m hoping that eventually she’ll expand her line.  

Price Point  

When it comes to price, my first impression is the new Phoebe Philo bags are expensive. While yes, they are beautifully designed, I’d be hard-pressed to spend $8,500 on a basic black tote bag. Keep in mind that’s almost the price of a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag. What we don’t know is what is the quality of the bag, or where is their material sourced from? These are all important questions to answer before spending that kind of money on a bag. On the flip side, there are people willing to spend that amount because every bag they have released has been sold out. 

Phoebe Philo Bag Designs

Philo’s new collection is definitely giving me 2008-2017 Celine vibes, also known as old Celine design. While the designs aren’t an exact replica you have to wonder, are they too similar to the old Celine designs, but just priced higher? 

Phoebe Philo Gig Bag

Phoebe Philo Bag Vs Celine Bag

If you take a look at the Phoebe Philo Gig bag it’s very similar to the Celine Shoulder bag and the trio combined into one. I’m not surprised Philo drew inspiration from these two pieces she designed while creative director at Celine as they were highly coveted and best-selling pieces. The Phoebe Philo Gig bag is priced at $3,500 and is sold out. 

Phoebe Philo Canvas XL 

Phoebe Philo Canvas xl

I’ve been saying for a year now big bags are making a comeback. Philo is betting big on big bags, and the Phoebe Philo canvas XL tote bag is massive, measuring at 22 inches long, and 16 inches high. Definitely a travel tote bag in my opinion. The Phoebe Philo Canvas XL bag is priced at $8,500 and is sold out. 

Phoebe Philo Small Kit Cabas bag 

Phoebe Philo cabas bag

The Phoebe Philo bag is a basic rectangular tote shape bag with the signature Philo leather tie detailing dangling from the bag. This is a simple yet sophisticated bag that can easily be styled. What I love about rectangular tote bag is how classy it looks when style, it screams quiet luxury. Plus there is plenty of space allowing this bag could double as a work bag. The Phoebe Philo small Kit Cabas bag is priced at $4,300 and is sold out. 

What can we expect from Phoebe Philo handbag collection in the future?

Phoebe Philo bag collection
© Phoebe Philo

Phoebe Philo’s bag collection, we can expect that Philo will continue to chanel the Parisian chic look, classic yet timeless designs, quiet luxury bags, and I’m keeping my fingers cross for a lower price point. Philo is known for her simple Parisian designs and I imagine she will continue to embrace what she’s good at and known for. While currently the handbag collection is quite limited to only 3 pieces, I predict that Phoebe Philo will expand the collection. 

Final Thoughts on Phoebe Philo bags

Overall, I’m excited for Phoebe Philo’s new collection to be launched. It’s been a while since a new luxury brand has emerged in this highly competitive market. Given its overall positive response and handbags selling out quickly, I’m guessing the bags will be a restocked soon. I’d love to hear in the comments, what are your thoughts on the new Phoebe Philo bag collection? 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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