7 Luxury Push Present Jewelry Gift Ideas in 2024

If you are unfamiliar with what a push present is, it's a gift given to the mother by her partner (and new baby) to mark the occasion of giving birth. This is a fairly new tradition, but one I’m 100% on board with. When it comes to luxury push present jewelry gifts, you have tons of options. I have narrowed it down to the top 7 luxury jewelry push presents ideas to make it easy for you to decide.

Mama necklace push present idea
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Tiny Tags Jewelry

tiny tags luxury push present idea
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Tiny tags jewelry was one of the first jewelry companies to really embrace jewelry gifts for moms after childbirth. They create extremely sentimental jewelry pieces that are customizable for your child or children. They have many necklaces, rings and bracelet that you are able to customize with your child’s name, birthday, birthstone, and more. 

The best part about tiny tags is they have pieces for every budget and price range. From fine jewelry with diamonds to sterling silver, there is something for every mom. I have several pieces from tiny tags and highly recommend their jewelry, especially if you're looking for a luxury jewelry push present. Shop Tiny Tags jewelry!

Diamond Initial Necklace From Mrs. Push

Push present jewelry ideas

The push present I received was a diamond initial necklace featuring the first initial of my baby’s first name, which is F, from Mrs. Push. I find this is the perfect necklace to wear a standalone piece or layering with other pieces of jewelry. What I love about the diamond initial necklace is the high quality gold chain and how the Diamond F is both dainty yet stands out at the same time. The chain is extremely high quality and a little thicker than a normal gold chain, in fact my little one has pulled on the gold chain several times, and it's had no issues.

When I was given this gift at the hospital, many of the nurses complimented the piece and said how special it was. Ever since I received this gift, I haven’t taken it off. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is luxurious and can be customizable, then I highly recommend purchasing a gift from Mrs. Push.  Shop Mrs. Push Push Present gifts.

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3 Diamond necklace

luxury push present jewelry ideas
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A 3 diamond necklace is another great jewelry option for a push present. The 3 diamonds represents the bond you share between you, your partner and your new baby. This is a popular push present that is an extremely versatile necklace that can be dressed down or even dressed up to wear to formal events. I love diamonds, and would be extremely happy to add this to my diamond collection! This sentimental piece will be wear and cherished for years to come, and can even be passed down to future generations, think of it like an investment jewelry piece. Shop 3 Diamond Necklace

Cursive name Necklace or Bracelet

cursive name necklace push present idea
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If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that can be personalized and unique to your baby alone, then a customized name necklace is perfect for you. This is such a great gift if you are looking for something that expresses the bond you share between you and your newborn child. What I love about the customized cursive name necklace is that when you wear it, it will be close to your heart, just like your new child will always be. This simple, yet sentimental piece of jewelry, is the perfect gift for a new mom. Shop cursive name necklaces

Baby's Initials on a ring

luxury jewelry push present ideas an inital ring
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I was recently looking online for jewelry push present ideas when I came across an initial ring and fell absolutely in love with it. This understated, meaningful, ring can be customized with the first initial of the babies name and the first initial of the baby’s last name. This is a sentimental gift that can be worn year round and be a reminder of the love you share for your newborn child. Shop initial rings!

Cartier Love bracelet engraved

is the Cartier love bracelet a good push present
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If you are looking to splurge on a bracelet, then the Cartier love bracelet is a great option for new moms. This bracelet represents the bond you share with your partner and now your new baby. What I love about this luxurious bracelet is how you can personalize it on the inside with a custom saying, quote, name, or even date. The customization makes the Cartier love bracelet a popular luxury push present gift. The Cartier Love Ring is a great option as well!

Mama bracelet or necklace

Tiny tag push present idea
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The Mama necklace or bracelet is a great push present gift for a new mom because it’s a heartfelt reminder that the mom has a new identity and a special bond with her newborn child. If you don’t know, for a mom adjusting to this new role and responsibility can be overwhelming, exciting, and having a jewelry that celebrates this new life can be a reminder of the love and support they feel from their partner. I absolutely adore mama jewelry and makes for an incredible push present!

What I love about this necklace or bracelet is how easy it is to style and to wear. I have the Mama bracelet, and it's super easy to stack with my other jewelry. The necklace can be worn as a standalone piece or even layered with multiple pieces of jewelry. Shop Mama Necklace.

Final thoughts on Luxury Push Present Jewelry ideas

what is the best jewelry push present
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In my opinion, purchasing jewelry for a push present gift is a great idea. It’s sentimental, can be worn year round, represents a new and exciting chapter in your life! Still unsure of which push present to buy? Read this guide on the push present etiquette to help you navigate these waters. Did you receive jewelry as a push present? 

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