Are Designer Logo T-shirts worth the price in 2023?

Every time I hop on Instagram I see at least 1 person rocking a designer logo tee, and you may be wondering are designer logo t-shirts worth the price? In short, Yes, adding a designer logo T-shirts are worth the price due to the fact they are easy to style, and are a casual fun piece to have in your wardrobe. It’s important when you are wearing a logo tee that the rest of your outfit is subtle so it doesn’t scream look at me, look at me with my designer tee.

With any designer product, the prices tend to increase year of year. On average you will see prices increase around 2-3% on each product. Unless you are Chanel, who announced a 21% price increase in 2020. I've complied a short list of designer logo t-shirts and their price so you have an idea of which each tee would cost
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Why designer logo t-shirts are worth the price?  

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There are a few main reasons that a designer logo tee is worth the price. These reasons include, it's a fun designer casual piece that is easy to style and it can elevate your look. Most of the time when you purchase a designer logo t-shirt it's typically because you aren't looking for a quiet luxury tshirt, you want to wear and support your favorite brand.

Personally, I adore my Celine logo tee, and often pair it with a blazer. I also have the Celine Hoodie that I wear as a casual piece. I don’t think you need to add every single designer logo tee to your wardrobe, but having one or two pieces would be a nice addition to your closet.

How to style a Designer Logo t-shirt?

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The rules for styling a designer tee is quite simple. You'll want to be the tee to be the main focal point, with that being said, everything else piece of clothing should be muted or a neutral color. Many times you’ll see these logo tees styled with leather pants or light wash jeans. I also style my logo tee with an oversized blazer.

When purchasing a logo tee, it's important to stick to a neutral color such as white or black. I find that these logo tees are easier to build an outfit around.

Where to buy a designer logo tee?

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The designer logo tee is a common piece much like the Gucci logo belt, this item isn’t hard to find and is typically available online or in the designer shop. If you are looking for older models from a few years ago, then you will have to turn to a vintage shop, such as Rebag.  

One thing that is extremely important to mention when buying a designer logo tee, most of the tee's and hoodies are actually men's pieces, so make sure that you order accordingly. This was one thing that shocked me when I ordered my Celine t-shirt and hoodie.

What is the Price of Designer Logo T-Shirts?

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The average price of a designer logo tshirt will be $600. Below is a table of some of the most popular designer logo tees and their prices for 2023.

BrandPrice (2023)
Gucci Logo T-Shirt $590
Celine Logo T-Shirt$590
Dior Logo T-Shirt$920
Givenchy Logo T-Shirt$420

Conclusion: My final thoughts on if I think Designer Logo Tees are worth it. 

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If you are thinking about purchasing a designer logo tshirt, I recommend adding one or two pieces to your closet, you'd be surprised how much you enjoy styling them. I'd love to hear in the comments, what are your thoughts on designer logo t-shirts?

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