5 Iconic Flower Shops in Paris

One of the greatest things about walking around Paris is all the beautiful flower shops. It’s very common for a Parisian to purchase fresh flowers weekly for their apartment. When visiting Paris I highly recommend that you pick up some fresh local flowers by one of my favorite Florist in the city. The 5 most iconic flowers shops in Paris include Deschamps Florist, L’Howea Flower Shop, Monceau Fleurs, Luv Box, and I’llony France Flower Shop. 

Best Flower Shops in Paris
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Deschamps Flower Shop

Gorgeous florist shops in Paris

Every year, Deschamps Florist draws the biggest crowds because of their iconic outside decorations, gorgeous flower arranges, and incredible smells. They are known to constantly change the outside decorations to keep people excited and engaged. I feel like every time I go over to this flower shop, they have new outside decorations, but the same incredible flowers inside. Inside expect to find hundreds of timeless flowers, exotic flowers, plants, and breathtaking arrangements. Deschamps Florist is known for doing several iconic floral arrangements around Paris including Dior’s Christmas decorations. 

Address: 18 Av Niel 75017
Deschamps website

L'Howea Flower Shop

Where are the best Flower Shops in Paris
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L’Howea Flower shop is one of my favorite and most frequented flowers shops in all of Paris. The reason I love L’Howea Flower shop, is because it is right on the corner of Rapp and Rue de'l Université which features an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. Inside you’ll find a beautiful flower bouquets or if you’d like you can create your own arrangement you can do so. L’Howea is filled with every iconic and timeless flower you can think of, and even some small plants for your apartment. This is a great place to stop and pick up flowers if you are doing a photo shoot in front of the secret Eiffel Tower location on Ave Rapp.

Address: 18 Av. Rapp, 75007 Paris, France
L'Howea Flower Shop Instagram

Monceau Fleurs

Where to buy flowers in Paris
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With over 21 locations in Paris, Monceau Fleurs. Monceau Fleurs has been creating iconic flower arrangements since 1965. What I love about Monceau Fleurs is how they are able to do express delivery within 4 hours whenever you are located in Paris. I find myself always sending Monceau flowers to friends on birthdays or for a special occasion. If you live in Paris, then I definitely recommend their subscription service where they flower to your apartment as frequently as you would like. 

Monceau Fleurs Website

LuvBox Paris

Fun Flower shops in Paris
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LuvBox Paris is a popular tourist destination as it attracts those who are looking for an iconic Instagrammable place in Paris. LuvBox is known for its eternity roses as well as their fresh flowers. People from all over the world head to LuvBox to snap a photo in front of this iconic pink flower shop, inside at their pink phone booth, and bright flower arrangements. If you are looking for a super fun flower shop that has a giant teddy bear that welcomes and embraces photos then I definitely recommend LuvBox Paris Flower shop. 

Address: 89 Rue d’Aboukir 75002 Paris
LuvBox Website

I’llony France Flower Shop

Buying Flowers in Paris
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If you are looking for a luxury florist in Paris then I definitely recommend I’llony France Fower shop which is run by the luxury florist Atsushi Taniguchi. Taniguchi is known for creating breathtaking arrangements, adding a luxurious touch, and using cutting edge florist techniques. In fact, Taniguchi even offers florist classes at the Paris boutique.   

Tucked away in the 16th arrondissement this iconic florist shop has worked with some of the most luxurious brands in Paris including, Hermes, Cartier, and the Ritz-Carlton. What I love about I’llony France Flower shop is how it’s the quiet luxury of flowers and how they have such a luxurious client base. I go to I’llony on special occasions and am always confident they will create the most incredible flower arrangement for me. 

Address: 3 rue mesnil 75116 Paris
I’llony France Website

Price of a bouquet of flowers in Paris

Iconic Florist in Paris
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On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from 30 to 100 Euros on a bouquet of flowers in Paris. If you are going to a luxurious flower shop in Paris, then you can expect to spend even more than 100 Euros, and if you go to the hole in the wall flower shop then you can expect to spend less.

Final Thoughts on Flower Shops in Paris

I have a tradition, that every other week, I go get fresh flowers, stop by my favorite place to get macarons, and indulge in a glass of wine. If it’s during the winter, sometimes I stop to get a cup of hot chocolate. Even if you are visiting Paris and have nowhere to store flowers at your hotel or Airbnb, I recommend that you at least walk by these iconic flower shops in Paris. 

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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