The Hardest Hermes Bag Colors to Purchase

Purchasing a Hermes bag is difficult, but did you know there are some colors that are harder to get your hands on than others? The Hardest Hermes Bag Colors to purchase include black (noir), gold, any neutral exotic color, limited edition seasonal colors, and Etoupe. The reason these colors are extremely hard to get is because of the demand for these colors and the fact they retain their value the most. 

Which Hermes bags color are difficult to purchase
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Hermes Bag in Black (Noir)

Black Hermes bag Hard Color to purchase
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The most popular and hardest Hermes bag color to purchase is in Black also known as Noir (black in French). When the Hermes Birkin was designed for Jane Birkin, it was designed using the color black. As someone who loves the history of bags and brands, I was instantly drawn to a Black Hermes Birkin bag. Knowing that it was extremely rare and hard to be offered only made the desire for a Hermes bag in Black more appealing.

People often come into a Hermes store looking for a Hermes bag in black and get turned away or offered another less rare color. If the Noir color is what you have your heart set on, then I recommend you keep insisting on the black color. 

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Hermes Bag in Gold

Hermes Gold Bag Hardest Hermes Bag Colors to Purchase
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Another extremely popular and hard Hermes bag color to be offered is the color Gold which also looks like a brown color. The reason this color is hard to purchase is because of the high demand. Similar to black, Gold is one of the most requested colors due to the fact that it’s a great neutral color. The gold color Hermes bag is great for to wear with a casual outfit. 

Another reason why Hermes limits the sales of the Hermes bag in the gold color is because of its high resale value. The Hermes Gold color retains its value and can even be sold for a profit, therefore, Hermes associates want to ensure if they sell you a Hermes Gold bag that you are going to wear it and not resell it. 

Hermes Bag in Exotic Neutral Colors

Exotic Hermes Colors that are hard to purchase
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Let’s face it, any Hermes exotic color is hard to purchase, but getting offered a neutral exotic color such as black, matte black, gray, matte gray, and many other neutral colors is near impossible. If you are in the market for an exotic Hermes bags and they offer you a neutral exotic Hermes color, don’t turn that opportunity down! The most common Hermes exotic bags you’ll see in bright colors, it’s very rare to see them in a neutral color. 

Hermes Bag in Etoupe

Difficult Hermes colors to purchase
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Another neutral color that is rare to be offered at Hermes is the color Etoupe. Over the past years, this gray colored bag has grown in popularity due to its neutral color that is easy to style and wear. The Etoupe color gives off both a formal and casual look depending on what you are wearing.

According to my sales associate, the demand and for this color bag is extremely high and there is a long wait list to get your hands on an Etoupe Hermes quota bag. Hermes does offer similar shades of gray that are easier to purchase, but one of the hardest Hermes bag colors to purchase right now is Etoupe. 

Limited Edition Seasonal Hermes Colors

Which Hermes Colors are the hardest to purchase
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Every year, Hermes releases a handful of seasonal colors, and every year Hermes collectors flock to Hermes to get their hands on these limited edition seasonal colors. Making limited edition seasonal colors one of the hardest Hermes bag colors to purchase.

Since these seasonal colors aren’t staple colors for Hermes, they only release a limited amount of Hermes quota bags and other Hermes bags in these colors. The seasonal colors are released every season (4 times a year) and can have anywhere from 10 to 50 new colors for that season. Once the season is over, then that color has been retired, driving the demand through the roof and the only way to purchase these bags is on the vintage Hermes Market.

Final Thoughts on the Hardest Hermes Bag Colors to purchase

Hermes's bags are hard to be offered in general when you are in the store shopping. When it comes to investing in a Hermes bag you should hold out for the exact color you want. I know it can get exciting to be offered any Hermes bag color, but in reality if you are going to be a small fortune to purchase a handbag you should get exactly what you want. I was offered several colors in the Hermes Birkin but I only wanted the black color so I waited until it was available. I’d love to hear in the comments, have you been offered a rare Hermes Birkin color?  

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

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