Types of Dresses to pack for the Fall in NYC

There are 3 types of dresses you need to pack if you are traveling to NYC in the fall, which include a casual daytime dress, a long sleeve transitional daytime to nighttime dress, and an evening dress for a night out. With limited space in your suitcase, I’m all about packing versatile, timeless, and practical pieces.

Types of Dresses to pack for the Fall in NYC
INES Undress Dress © Diane Coletta – Marz

Casual Daytime Dress

Lightweight Dresses to pack for the Fall in NYC
INES Undress Dress © Diane Coletta – Marz

The weather is always changing in NYC during the fall, some days it’s in the low 50s and other days it’s in the high 80s, which is why a casual daytime dress is essential. I purchased this long white maxi dress from Undress which is perfect for the fall because it can be worn as a stand-alone piece, can easily be layered, and is a lightweight dress! Due to its lightweight nature I was able to wear this dress all day walking around the city. I definitely recommend packing a lightweight, casual daytime dress for walking around the city in the fall.

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Long Sleeve transitional daytime to evening dress

How to dress during the fall in NYC
ENORA Undress Dress © Diane Coletta – Marz

The second time of dress you’ll need if you're traveling to NYC in the Fall is a transitional dress that can go from daytime to evening wear. For this dress, I opted for a long sleeve v neck floral print dress. When you are picking out a transition daytime to nighttime dress, you want to look for a piece that you can wear for hours and be comfortable in. What I love about the Enora dress is that you can easily make it more casual by wearing walking sneakers, boots or more formal by wearing heels. If you are anything like me, you’ll pack a pair of heels in your bag and change into them on the go. 

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Formal dress for evening dinner or Broadway shows

What to wear to a Broadway show in NYC
LAYLA Undress Dress © Diane Coletta – Marz

If you plan on attending a Broadway show, fancy dinner, or even if you feel like getting dressed up, you’ll need a more formal evening dress. A city such as NYC is exciting, fun and I wanted to get extra dressed up one evening. I wore a gorgeous all sequin black and gold dress with a low cut back to the Broadway show Wicked. This Layla dress is the perfect combination of formal, sexy, and classic. I highly recommend if you are traveling to NYC in the Fall and are wearing a formal dress, you pack a neutral color scarf / shawl or a warm coat.

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Final Thoughts on what types of dresses to pack for the Fall in NYC 

In NYC, you never know what to expect when it comes to Fall weather, which is why it’s important that you pack versatile dresses that you can wear for multiple occasions. With space being limited in your suitcase, make sure you opt for thinner dress that don’t take much space because you’ll probably want to go shopping and bring home souvenirs from the city.  

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